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Obamacare Architect Explains "Stupidity of American Voter" Needed to Pass ACA

• Mike Shedlock

Moreover, the bill also depended on the "Stupidity of the American Voter".

Many of us knew that long ago. But those are the words of Jonathan Gruber, a numbers wizard at M.I.T., who was courted by the Obama administration, and paid $400,000 for his efforts to see that the bill made its way through Congressional obstacles.

The following short video explains the setup.

Back in 2012, regarding Gruber's role in getting the bill passed, the New York Times wrote Academic Built Case for Mandate in Health Care Law.

Interestingly, Gruber was also the architect for Romneycare when Mitt Romney was Massachusetts governor.

Romney was proud of Romneycare until president Obama endorsed virtually the same idea as Obamacare. Romney then ran against his own creation. Lovely.

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