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The AIRLANDER comes in 2 configurations:

Surveillance – manned surveillance with optionally pressurised mission modules, offering up to five days persistent surveillance

Heavy Lift, offering a variety of configurations including 20, 50 and ultimately 200 tonne payloads.

The AIRLANDER features the following:

AIRLANDER is designed to be the safest form of air travel. The vehicle does not stall, lands on any reasonably flat surface and has a take-off and landing speed of around 40 knots. It is fitted with four propulsion units and with close on 10,000 Shaft horsepower (SHP) for the 50 tonne variant it has sufficient power and range to deal with the most challenging environments;

A vehicle that uses a combination of buoyancy (helium gas) and aerodynamics (the shape of the body) to generate lift. This "hybrid" is in essence an aircraft with some inherent buoyancy, similar to a lifting body (a vehicle in which the body itself produces lift). This design creates the perfect balance between economic flight (typically associated with airships), operational flexibility (typically associated with helicopters), range and payload;

The AIRLANDER range consists of two groups – Surveillance and Heavy Lift. The surveillance vehicle can operate at up to 16,000 feet, 5 days manned. The Heavy Lift version is designed for transportation of passengers and cargo;

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