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Bringing Your Girlfriend Home: Tips for a Smooth Introduction

• Brett & Kate McKay

When you met her folks for the first time, your biggest concern was making a good first impression. Now that the roles are reversed, your focus should be on helping her make a good impression. If she's a keeper, she'll probably care a lot about your parents liking her. And you likely want them to give her the thumbs up too. Your folks and your significant other may not always get along, but when they do, things sure go a lot more happily.

While bringing your girlfriend home for the first time can be a little awkward and nerve-racking for all parties involved, here are some quick tips for making everyone feel comfortable and helping things go as smoothly as possible.

Be sure you're really ready to bring her home. In most circumstances, a woman will interpret an invitation to meet your parents as a signal that you think she's special and your relationship is fairly serious. Your parents will likely interpret the move in the same way. So don't bring a gal home (especially for a holiday) unless you want to communicate to both parties that you're hoping she's going to be around for a while (and you're okay with your mom asking about her incessantly until you break-up or tie the knot).

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