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Oomi smart home system needs no smartphone

•, By Dave LeClair

For example, both the Ninja Sphere and Revolv have recently made waves. With so many launching all the time, it takes a lot to make one stand out, but Oomi has found a way to make everyone stand up and take notice. It's promising to redefine the smart home by taking the smartphone out of the equation, and by making it quick and easy to set up and get going.

The Oomi Cube is the backbone of the system, as it functions as the hub that makes everything work together. However, the Cube itself also features a slew of sensors and functions that actually make it a useful part of the system. There are environmental sensors that include temperature, noise, humidity, vibration, light, glass break, and motion. It also has a regular and IR camera, a 360-degree IR blaster for controlling entertainment systems, and an alert speaker.