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A President Held Hostage?

• by Jason Ditz

Poor Nikki Haley: she doesn't get that having presidential ambitions and actually being the President are two different things! She went ahead and announced new sanctions on Russia – and was promptly contradicted by the White House, which averred that Nikki is "confused," and that no new sanctions are contemplated. "I don't get confused," said Nikki – and yet she clearly doesn't understand that nobody voted for her. They voted for Donald J. Trump, who campaigned on a platform of "Wouldn't it be good if we could get along with Russia?" Trump's preferred Russia policy has a mandate from the voters – and yet we don't see it being implemented.

Why is that?

A remarkable bit of reporting in the Washington Post perhaps explains what is happening in the White House. When the phony "poisoning" of Sergei Skripal was cited by the Usual Suspects as evidence of Russian perfidy – despite the lack of credible evidence that the Russians were responsible — the Europeans expelled Russian diplomats and Trump went along with it, specifying that we would expel an equal number – that is, a number equal to each individual country. When he discovered that his aides had lied to him, and the US expelled the total number expelled from Europe, "There were curse words, a lot of curse words."

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