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This Will Be America's Next Big Health Craze


"Would you like marijuana with that?"

That's not something you hear every day. But Moon Juice, a hip California juice bar chain, has been asking its customers this question lately.

It's not the only place doing this, either. According to the marijuana media website Leafly, juice bars across southern California are now offering marijuana infusions.

Many people are saying "yes" … but not to get stoned.

No. They're doing this for health reasons.

I'll tell you why in a second. I'll also explain why marijuana will be the next big health craze. And finally, I'll show you how to profit from it.

Let me clarify something first.

•  Juice bars aren't adding tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to their juices…

They're adding cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a compound in cannabis. It doesn't get people high like THC… But it does offer many health benefits.

People take it to treat everything from anxiety to insomnia to chronic pain – you name it.

And because CBD doesn't get people stoned, you can buy it almost anywhere in the United States. That's actually been true for years. But CBD didn't become such a big health craze until recently.

So what's changed? Simple: Marijuana legalization is sweeping the nation.

To date, 33 U.S. states (plus Washington, DC) have already legalized medical marijuana. And 10 states (plus DC) have approved recreational use.

• In short, marijuana has never been easier to buy…

Because of this, marijuana is no longer just for stoners. Lawyers, doctors, and accountants are consuming it, too. It's gone mainstream.

And this trend will only continue. That's because the marijuana industry is growing quickly.

Of course, it wasn't always like this. A few years ago, the marijuana industry only appealed to stoners. Dispensaries in places like Colorado mostly sold strains of marijuana. You had to be an aficionado to know what you were buying.

It's a different story now. These days, many top marijuana brands don't even emphasize what kind of marijuana they're selling. Instead, they sell "feelings."

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