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Trump slams Biden for abandoning 'America First'

• by Geoff Earle

Trump sent out more statements blasting Joe Biden as the president held meetings as part of the G7 summit

He ripped Biden and French President Macron after Macron said it was great to have the U.S. president as 'part of the club' 

The day Biden left town he said he would trust Russia over 'sleezebags' and 'lowlifes' in US intelligence

 He wished Biden good luck in his meeting with Putin and told him not to 'fall asleep' 

 Biden is on an eight-day swing through Europe and is due to meet the Russian president in Geneva on Wednesday

On Saturday as Biden met with Macron and other leaders Trump said the election was stolen and was the 'crime of the century' 

He also said 'I was right about everything they lied about before the election?'