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Predictive Programming Showed How Globalists Would Finalize America's Brutal Overthrow --

• By Stefan Stanford

In the recent email I received from COVID/Vax researcher and whistleblower Dr. Paul Alexander, the Doctor who has called out the globalists time and again on their rush to COVID tyranny highlighted a fascinating 4 minute 25 second video clip from the 10th season of the classic science fiction TV show "The X-Files" and as the twitter poster whose video he used told us with his post: 

"Watch this and have your mind blown. Whoever wrote the script for this episode of X-Files has to be a time traveler or a senior deep state operative who revealed the entire plan just for giggles."

With the globalists/deep state apparatus well known for using 'predictive programming' in movies and TV to push their agendas and get 'the masses' mentally accustomed to accept their coming schemes, and X-Files creator Chris Carter once actually saying that he believed the production of the show would be shut down by the Feds for getting 'too close to the truth,' not only did that 2016 X-Files show warn of a scheme to depopulate the planet by tampering with our DNA via a 'vax,' but it told us exactly how the final brutal overthrow of America would take place so we've got to break that all down right here.

With Dr. Alexander asking as the intro to his email "X-Files had it right?," ANP reader 'DeplorableD' had also posted a copy of the same video to this ANP story comment section with the twitter commenter who posted the video warning: "So ironic that #facebok tagged this as #COVID19 misinformation even though it never mentioned it." Yup, facebook flagged a TV show from 6 years ago as 'COVID misinformation' without COVID even being mentioned in the clip. 

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