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Washington Politicians Sneaked Funding for Gun Control Database Available to-

• by Becker News

Politically alert Americans were rightly incensed when D.C. politicians seized upon yet another sleepy holiday season to cram an overstuffed "omnibus" spending bill filled up with goodies for special interests down the narrow chimney representing taxpayers' ever-shrinking ability to pay for it.

$575 million towards 'family planning' and 'reproductive health.' $1.2 million for centers that support LGBTQ students at a San Diego Community College District. $3 million towards the New York Historical Society's 'American LGBTQ+ Museum Partnership Project.' $750,000 to the Translatin Coalition. And a brand new "pandemic czar" to replace the elf-like Anthony Fauci, who is apparently hitching a ride with Santa to get the h-e-double-hockeysticks out of Washington before any wild-eyed senators from Kentucky can exact a highly televised reckoning upon him.