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Article V Convention: Beware Treacherous RINO's

•, By: Devvy

 Back in 1993 (could have been '94), I became acquainted with a constitutional warrior, Jackie Patru.  Boy, did she enlighten me on what was going on regarding the push for a 'Con-Con' out in Philadelphia. I had no idea as I was only a few years into my journey of seeking the truth.

Back then there was no Internet, just land line phones, fax machines, newsletters and word of mouth to warn the American people about what was taking place as we carried on with living, raising kids and everyday challenges.

On Jackie's web site, Constitutional Convention & Conference of States: "While reformatting this report for our website, re-reading and remembering the chain of events, it is clear that we were divinely led to victory. It happened then.  It can happen again, for with God all things are possible.

"The Texas resolution was the only one which admitted the COS delegates intended to call for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con). It laid for three weeks in a pile of other papers and was nearly filed away with the others when we noticed the changed format of the first page. The rest is history.  — Jackie

Conference of States to call for a Constitutional Convention

"To understand the intricacies of the planned COS / Con-Con in 1995 read the following report which was featured as a 4-page center pullout section of the August, '95 issue of the CDR Newsletter. Outdated info, i.e. addresses, phone / fax numbers, etc deleted.