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The Technocrat initiative of geoengineering is finally starting to come out of the closet. In spite of the damage already done, scientists are willing to double-down on further experimentation. Were inhabitants of earth consulted on the feasibility o

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The more water drained from the lake by the next storm, the less chance that the lake again will fill to the point that activates the emergency spillway. Erosion on the emergency spillway Sunday night created the need to evacuate nearly 200,000 peopl

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(Natural News) Geoengineering is a very real -- and very scary -- phenomenon happening across the world. Evidence of weather control in the United States can be found as early as 1966 in a now highly cited document on National Weather Modification

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The satellite formerly known as GOES-R (so Prince, right?) has transmitted its first images back to Earth, and they are flooring. From the details on the face of the moon to the incredible resolution of cumulus over the Caribbean, these first pixels

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Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, The Presidential inauguration today was slightly cloudy with some mild showers. There was an even brighter moment when during the inauguration when God poured his light onto Trump and the people in attendance.

Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

Just as California's liberal elites had convinced everyone that climate change had permanently altered global weather patterns such that the entire state was doomed to be stuck in a perpetual drought which would inevitably render it about as inhabita

Article Image News Link • Global by Tony Barboza, Louis Sahagun and Pai

The first band of what forecasters predict will be the region's most powerful storm in a decade continued to pummel Northern California on Sunday, causing flooding throughout the region and prompting evacuations in Sonoma County and parts of neighbor

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WASHINGTON - We all know traffic in the D.C. region can be a trying experience with long commutes and delays, especially with precipitation falling in the area. But as the first snowfall arrived in the D.C. region Thursday evening, commuters driving

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YouTuber Ben "NightHawkInLight" Cusick recently dumped a bunch of chemicals into a bottle of vodka and saw some amazing things. No, not by the usual method of guzzling it down, but by showing off his latest homemade "storm glass"--a method of weathe

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