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What Happened to CDC Libertarians?

•, By Laurence M. Vance

The administration's restrictions and vaccination campaign supposedly slowed "the spread of new variants entering the country" and "saved millions of lives."

This reminds to me to ask the question: What happened to CDC libertarians?

The most recent thing related to Covid that I recall any of them saying was back on May 1 when one of them foolishly remarked that "the vaccines have appreciably reduced the risk of severe infections, particularly among the elderly and other vulnerable groups, but do not substantially prevent infection itself," and that "the vaccines may reduce the severity of symptoms, and a jab appears to offer temporary protection—much like so-called natural immunity after recovering from the disease."

But this is a far cry from 2020 and 2021 when they preached the virtues of the Covid vaccine, booster shots, PCR tests, face masks, at-home Covid tests, capacity limits, vaccine passports, and social distancing while being careful to say—almost as an afterthought—that the government shouldn't mandate these things. And who can forget their ridiculous tweets disclosing their vaccination status?

CDC libertarians began to see the light in 2022. They still reported on the latest sub-variant of the latest Covid variant like it was real news, and rarely mentioned anything negative about the Covid vaccine, but stopped pushing face masks and quit saying stupid things like: children aren't harmed by wearing face masks.

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