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Doctor warns WHO pandemic treaty includes 'gain of function' data sharing

•, Louis Knuffke

The infamous WHO Pandemic Treaty being pushed by left-wing globalists includes provisions for "gain of function" data sharing between nations, a move that would make it impossible to trace the source of future biolab leaks, should any occur, warns a medical doctor writing under the pen name "A Midwestern Doctor."  

In an article titled, How We Can Stop The WHO's Horrific Pandemic Treaty, the Midwestern Doctor enumerates many of the significant political and medical dangers of the agreement. The treaty is presently facing intense international scrutiny and backlash on account of the increasingly clear evidence that it is proving to be little more than a long leftist wish-list and a globalist power grab.

Sharing 'gain of function' data will cloak source of future biolab leaks 

Drawing attention to the numerous provisions promoting "gain of function" (GoF), a practice that is illegal in the U.S. due to the inherent danger involved, the Midwestern Doctor writes, "The pandemic treaty contains multiple provisions for the signatory nations to make all their data on biological agents (e.g., GoF research or wild animals being studied in labs) accessible to the WHO so 'pandemic potential' infectious diseases?can be tracked by the WHO." 

One such text of the treaty states: 

Government officials, researchers and workers across sectors at the local, national, regional and global levels should implement joint responses to health threats. This includes developing shared databases and surveillance across different sectors, and identifying new solutions that address the root causes and links between risks and impacts. 

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