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The Population Fix: Breaking America's Addiction to Population Growth

A Book Review:  The Population Fix by Edward C. Hartman

A staggering 100 percent of U.S. governors, senators, House reps, mayors, major newspaper publishers, editors and the current president of the United States ignore America’s greatest crisis in the 21st century. 


Across America, citizens go about their daily activities oblivious to the ominous consequences bequeathed to their children.  Few think about or react to toxic air pollution, traffic gridlock, crowding and climate change.


What is this problem?  Short answer: addiction to human population growth!


Each day, America adds 8,200 more people. Annually, America grows by 3.1 million people.  The U.S. Census Bureau predicts America to add 100 million people by 2040. Whether it’s sooner or later, no matter how far down the wrong road you travel, stop!  Turn around; go back and find a better path.


“THE POPULATION FIX: Breaking America’s Addiction to Population Growth” by Edward C. Hartman, provides stunning examples of our human folly.  He illustrates his native California’s demise via massive population overload. Hartman reports on what happened to California as it grew from 16 million in 1965 to its current population of 37.5 million in 2007.  Far more sobering—predictions show California adding 40 million by 2050 at current growth rates.


He introduces pertinent points that none of our leaders ask: “Our schools are too crowded—we need to build more schools.”  The more intelligent answer is, “If we stabilized our population, we wouldn’t need more new schools…if we stabilized our population, we wouldn’t need to build more homes and roads.”


Hartman asks, “How many Americans are enough?  How many people would you like to see inhabiting this land seven generations from now?”


China and India never asked those questions fifty years ago.  Today, at 1.3 and 1.1 billion respectively, their citizens exist like sardines in a can—except they remain alive while gasping for breath and movement.   As human numbers increase--freedom, fresh air, quality of life and standard of living decline.


Why did Hartman write the book?  He’s passionate about saving our wild places, our wild life, stopping air pollution, living within our carrying capacity and restoring our quality of life.  No one deserves more cities like Los Angeles around this country.


Since the American female stands at a stable 2.03 fertility rate, the U.S. enjoys a stable population.  However, massive inward migration from around the world drives our population growth.  We either decide to control how many people we allow onto our “limited capacity lifeboat” or we sink.


Is Hartman optimistic about the future?  Are you?  Will we change course in time?  It’s up to each and every one of us.  Hartman’s book will give you greater perspective on your stake in the future for your children.  I highly recommend reading it.


The Population Fix

Author: Edward C. Hartman




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“ America faces a daunting future if it continues along its overpopulation path.  Everyone will become victims and survivors of this “Human Katrina” bearing down on our civilization.  We can wait and see what happens to us or we can take action to create a sustainable civilization for our children. Hartman shows the way with ‘The Population Fix.’” Frosty Wooldridge, six continent world traveler and journalist




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Comment by William Patriot
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With all due respect, anyone knowledgable of the life cycle of mankind, wars,famine, disease,and now the toxins polluting our air water and plants, from the mega corps. aircraft spraying the world, it's insane to think there will ever be any population explosion that this world cannot handle.
This myth of the new world order agenda is to convence people it is ok to have abortions, assisted death by M.D.'s ,contreceptives,and a host of other alternatives other than obeying God, who told us to be fruitful and multiply.
Do you think for one moment,he would not provide a space for everyone who is born ?