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FreedomsPhoenix, Tools for the coming Revolution, and You

FreedomsPhoenix was created to be a toolbag for the advocacy of freedom. The theme, "Freedom's the Answer,... What's the question?" becomes more obvious over time to those that regularly visit FreedomsPhoenix or have opted for the Daily Dispatch that is delivered via email.

FreedomsPhoenix has grown to be an activist's toolshed. And I want to highlight a very powerful tool that can be used by everyone. As Publisher I have been very open to the sincere efforts of editors that wish to share their perspective. While I may not be in agreement with another's views, I value their input for the opportunity we are given to understand the thought process of those that we disagree with. FreedomsPhoenix also provides the ability to immediately comment on their posts and to directly and securely communicate with the reporter/editor. But let me share what I think is the most valuable feature of FreedomsPhoenix...

Every headline you see on FreedomsPhoenix is placed in at least one, and up to 3 categories. These categories number over 125 and archive every input for the past 2 and a half years. This is the feature most valuable to talk show producers when researching an issue for the first time. EXAMPLES: North American Union is a category we began the first moment we learned of the effort from its beginning. The Economy - The Bush Administration - The Police State - The Federal Reserve - The WAR, are all but a few of the categories that demonstrate a clear march towards a direct confrontation between Americans that desire only to be left alone and an abusive government that has no intention of leaving them alone.

Each Archived Category is listed HERE and every headlined story is listed in chronological order. Please take a look at "Economy" or "Housing" as an excellent example of how FreedomsPhoenix subscribers were informed well in advance of the vast majority of what was coming,... and it is going to get much worse.

Daily Dispatches are also archived in their entirety HERE. These are copies of what was sent daily to individual emails.

FreedomsPhoenix will soon have another face lift that is the 4th phase of site construction that continues to empower participants as a source for news and information so that individuals have the power of up to date information to influence others with a perspective not available elsewhere.

I want to take this opportunity to demonstrate how FreedomsPhoenix has been able to influence the public debate on a local and national level via our media subscribers. We went online in October of 2005 and focused our marketing towards radio talk shows. Being a talk show host and a producer I understood how the news feeds were used and how influential they were in determining what was discussed and what side the host was expected to take. It didn't take long for us to grow to over 10,000 strong in our database with over 2000 known subscribers in the media from all over the country. Our marketing in industry publications was an intentional effort to infuse another perspective on the news that the main stream media was creating themselves. What we did not expect was the growth rate & power of individuals in their efforts to have their own influence with the tools we made available to everyone. While this aspect of individual activism was planned for and encouraged, we did not expect the quality and quantity of reporting from so many that understood what was happening and why. The Ron Paul Revolution is to be credited with a great deal of this explosion of understanding.

Behind the scenes we have continuously upgraded our capabilities to allow our editors and subscribers the ability to communicate with many sorts of media, and more is coming. The r3VOLution is in the very early stages and FreedomsPhoenix is here to help provide an understanding of what is happening and why.

Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix


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