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Obama Is President Only Of Himself And His Race

     Racial narcissism is dangerous. You are challenged at Sumcad's NWS Editorial to know why, once you read his popular regular National Writers Syndicate column patronized by millions of readers.

    In that edifying exposure shown when you click on this cited link, it is crystal clear that even radical ideologues suffering a severe case of myopia would be able to see and understand it well: From America’s tragic past, slavery haunts this nation like a wicked witch that cast a spell on Americans to kill fellow Americans. In fact on this road to civil war, once again I might see you and other patriots like you in the battlefield.

     This recent critical development explains why we are down the road to perdition: When the president of this racially divided country is obsessively in love of himself and his race and too impassioned in denouncing black slavery, the country is led on the path back to that great American Civil War.

    Too fascinated of his reflection by the pool and possessed by too much love of himself and his black race, Obama is not president of all Americans but only of himself and the descendants of his black ancestors who have been enslaved by white slave masters in this country.  Remember Narcissus of the Greek mythology who was punished by the gods to love his reflection by the pool forever or until death because of his superciliousness and self-conceit?

     This is how we are reminded of Narcissus’ tragic fate: In his recently televised journey to Africa which walk-by-night Media represented by CNN covered all the way, Obama’s and the First Lady’s undying love of themselves and their successful struggle in life in pursuit of the American Dream, adoration of their black root and contemptible reverence directed towards the martyrdom of their black ancestry were editorialized in such a way that America and the nation’s white slave masters were pictured as monsters of inhuman oppression the world hated more than Hell itself! It simply implies that there is an on-going racial war … them against you and me, if we are not black, or if your root and mine did not come from Africa! 

     The impact of hate that was created against non-white was profound if not more intense than what was pictured and empathized by millions of American TV viewers here and billions of other viewers across the globe friends and enemies alike, in that emotionally televised whiplash of a monster country which anti-World Order denizens of the dark like President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela described as “Evil America”.

     In the April 17, 2009 Fifth Summit of the Americas, the United States was severely attacked by President Chavez and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega as the evil country that caused the suffering of Latin Americans in extreme poverty and millions of deaths in Central America. Right or wrong, Obama, supposedly your president and mine, did not defend us Americans against those damaging attacks.

     What’s hard to dismiss from this nation’s doubting mind is that Obama’s hatred against America and non-black Americans that put a chain to the ankles of his ancestors had found a silent vindication in those attacks launched by the enemies of the United States.  More so when instead defending, Obama in fact readily admitted these leftist accusations and promised America’s attackers that the “errors” this country is accused of, would be rectified or “corrected” under his administration [a dig on Bush -- Obama is eternally committed to chop Bush’s head and feed his legacy to the dogs].

     Considering the showing of this adverse presidential demeanor, we cannot help but ask this question: Whose president is Obama? 

     Let’s face the truth and do the numbers.

     As of July 2009, the total population in this country was 307,212,123 [Census Report].We have an “angry” population at this point in time due to America’s financial meltdown and because of other economic difficulties.

     Of this total population, 69,498,952 elected Obama president. Only 22%-23% of all Americans wanted Obama to be their president.  Thus, population-wise, 77%-78% didn’t want him to be president, or has nothing to do with his becoming president of this country, get it?

    There is a violent rape of the truth in so far as Obama’s presidency is concerned. We are facing this precipitous problem that doubts the legitimacy of Obama’s election to the highest office of the land. These uncertainty and doubt aggravate the raging national outrage on racial prejudice and bigotry as well as America’s ugly practice of slavery in the past which could trigger another civil war.

     Aside from this nagging issue of his required genuine birth certificate that would shock the world – God forbids – when it shows Obama is a false president or under the Constitution he cannot be president of the United States because he is not a natural-born citizen, the prostituted left-leaning Media and fly-by-night journalists who degraded their skill and talent for money are at the same time attempting very hard to brainwash the entire population into believing that Obama is president of all Americans when he is not.

      I am afraid there might be already others out there putting on their boots and cleaning their riffles and handguns in preparation for a shooting war that could erupt any time of the day. #

     © Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access FP.com, August 6, 2009.

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Comment by Lolo
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    My wife Espie Sumcad who was also a journalist ahead of me, whose short stories have been nominated for Palanca Award of Excellence, was also delighted when she read this editorial on Obama’s narcissism. She said and I quote: “Love of self is also a necessary virtue if it is not too heady or fattening to the point of self-disfiguring,”

    Women are generally conscious of their figure. When I pressed her to say what’s in her mind, and for her to agree or disagree to what was written, she refused to say that ego-wise, Obama is overweighed. 

    By there is a little bit scary coincidence … like Powell Gammil, Espie surprised me by putting a finger on her mouth to seal her lips.

    RickStone, sharpen your cutting sword for our next disagreement.  In the meantime, permit me to just like you, until the next time I will comment on your comments for you to disagree and once again dislike me. 


     But honestly, I have no problem with intellectuals like you when they chose to engage me, my philosophy and/or to just politely question my way of thinking on matters of national importance. On this parameter, we have one thing in common, and we will have more and more agreements than disagreements in the days ahead. #


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Speaking of narcissism....sheesh!

Comment by RickStone
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 Edwin, this is the second time that I agree with you 100%, I am shocked again. We are of opposite opinions of the Fed. But you have made many very valid points. I have three words for the government, "Fear the People"