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Dubai International Airport has surpassed Heathrow as the world's busiest global hub, while three Gulf airlines—Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad—are scooping up passengers.

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Verne Troyer, the diminutive actor most known for playing the comedically villainous role of "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers series of films, got acquainted with the Transit Security Administration this weekend.

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Another day, another company accepting bitcoin in an attempt to cash in on the craze. This time it's Expedia the travel booking site that's accepting the virtual currency for hotel bookings. They're working directly with Coinbase to accept and then c

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Simple Justice

musicians have long suffered a far more serious indignity. Ever since the classic, United Breaks Guitars, it’s been beyond question that musical instruments should not be checked. U.S. Airways, however, is more concerned for your safety, because

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“The two Hindenburg-class airships were passenger carrying rigid airships built in Germany in the 1930s named in honor of Paul von Hindenburg. They were the last such aircraft ever built, and in terms of their length and volume, the largest aircraft

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Part all-terrain dune buggy, part light-sport aircraft, the Skyrunner is the ultimate recreational sports vehicle! After almost three years in development, this power parachute dune buggy is on track to hit the market in 2014. Made by UK company Para

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Personally, when I fly, I prefer my own tricked out A380. But, I recognize that not all of you have access to one of the DVICE private jets, and that you probably have to suffer through first class or (gasp) maybe even business class.

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Lew Rockwell blog

Susan Correa writes of her enrollment in PreCheck, the TSA’s "speed up the security line at selected airports” [The process] "included copying the copies of our birth certificates, swearing allegiance to the flag and showing a valid driver’s license.

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We recently noted that Uber is having an effect on more than just the taxi companies it competes with. Because the taxi-ride-sharing app makes getting from A to B without a car so much easier, it's making commuters think they ought to move into cheap