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In Iceland, marriage isn't an institution; it's not even a hobby. Instead, Iceland is a country with tons of divorce and the highest percentage of working mothers. Sound like a formula for social ruin? Hardly.

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The U.S. government and French bank BNP Paribas are close to a settlement over alleged sanctions violations that would require the bank to plead guilty, pay almost $9 billion in penalties and face other sanctions, a person familiar with the matter sa


A Polish magazine said Sunday it has obtained recordings of a private conversation in which the foreign minister says Poland's strong alliance with the U.S. was worthless and "even harmful because it creates a false sense of security."

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US scientists took thousands of unauthorized blood samples from an indigenous group known for a unique genetic profile and disease immunity, and some of the samples have been sold, Ecuador charged on Monday.

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An unnamed top administration official says that President Obama, in announcing his planned military intervention in Iraq, was not ruling out airstrikes against targets inside Syria as well.

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DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa is "totally out of control," according to a senior official for Doctors Without Borders, who says the medical group is stretched to the limit in its capacity to respond

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Intense fighting raged in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russia insurgents were losing the battle with government forces and begged the Kremlin for military help. NATO's chief accused Russia of resuming a military buildup along the border

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Chinese recycling tycoon who has been angling to buy the New York Times Co aims to throw feasts for 1,000 homeless Americans, starting with a lunch in New York City's Central Park next week, where he also plans to perform a son

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Saudi Arabia warned Wednesday of the risks of a civil war in Iraq with unpredictable consequences for the region, after Sunni militants seized large areas from Shiite-led government forces.