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Tax Reform

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It appears increasingly likely the Republican Congress will pass tax reform this week. As we analyze the plan, it's important to remember – incentives matter.

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I deplore the tax cut that has passed Congress. It is not an economic policy tax cut, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with supply-side economics.

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President Donald Trump scored a major win Thursday as establishment Republican John McCain agreeing to get on board a sweeping revamp of the nation's tax code. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed confidence of final passage by week's end, a

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The Senate Republican tax bill is now so bastardized one cannot properly call it "reform." I propose starting all over. Moments ago, the Senate Finance Committee Voted 11-10 to Approve Senate Tax Plan.

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Taxation most likely began ten thousand years ago, when nomadic hunter-gatherers gave up their wandering ways--and the tools associated with them--settled down, and started growing crops and herding livestock, which requires an entirely different s

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President Trump and the congressional Republican leadership recently unveiled a tax reform "framework." The framework has a number of provisions that will lower taxes on middle-class Americans. For example, the framework doubles the standard dedu

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President Trump pitches his tax reform plan to bring back Main Street. He gave his speech in Springfield, Missouri Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I'll see you tomorrow