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Bob Podolsky 

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Bob Podolsky
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My life is primarily driven by curiosity. At the age of five I got hold of my parents' alarm clock and took it apart because I wanted to see how it worked. (Oooops!) My folks weren't happy about this, but my father, a famous physicist (Boris Podolsky), understood my urge to know how the world works " and encouraged me in this ever after.

He also taught me, at an early age, the basic principles of science and the scientific method " which exist only to distinguish true information from false information " so I became a devotee of truth, and remain so to this day.

My career experience is not particularly distinguished. I spent ten years doing mathematical physics and systems analysis in industry and government. Then I spent twenty-five years doing psychotherapy in private practice.

In 1984 I became friends with the late John David Garcia, who got me interested in the subject of ethics, and since then I have written five books and a number of articles about ethics, law, and government and their impact on our lives. In this my systems analysis background stood me in good stead. It turns out our societal institutions are pretty easy to analyze once you get past the lies that they tell.

In 1995 I got interested in the Internet and tried my hand at building websites to do online marketing. At that time the Internet had not yet evolved to the point where it provided the tools needed to do this effectively " so my efforts came to naught " but I learned a lot about how the Internet works and taught myself enough HTML and database programming to build websites and to recognize true information about the Internet when I read it.


Current Columns and Articles

Feature Article
A Timely Talk By Murray Rothbard (1982) 
   This talk by Murray Rothbard is just as apt today as it was when he gave it in 1982.
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Feature Article
Is There A God? 
   In this article I will demonstrate that the title question, “Is There A God?” is not, in fact, a “yes or no” question. If you still think it is, I would maintain that you haven’t thought the question through adequately.
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Feature Article
The Truth About Cartels 
   Cartels…What Are They? Up until about ten years ago the only cartels I’d heard of were oil cartels and drug cartels. Then I ran across a wonderful 45 minute recording by Ed Griffin explaining that the Federal Reserve System is a privately owned bank
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Feature Article
Speak Truth to Power 
   People in positions of power don't listen to corrective feedback - BUT - here's what I'd say to them if I had the chance.
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Feature Article
BitCoins Give Birth to a New Age 
   Make no mistake. Thanks to BitCoins, the status quo is doomed " and a new age of freedom is at hand. The tiny elite group of people who run the world today don’t know it yet, but their power is finally at an end. They are like zombies " the walking d
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Feature Article
BitCoins - the Ultimate Game-Changer 
   As BitCoins become widely accepted, the power of governments and the cartels that own them will fade - and we'll have true economic freedom for the first time in thousands of years.
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Feature Article
The War On Drugs Is Over!! ...Or IS IT? 
   Recent legal precedents now make it possible for ANYONE to obtain an ID card that legally entitles the bearer to possess, transport, transmit, and use any natural herbal material they wish - as members of the Oklevueha Native American Church!
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Feature Article
911 Buildings Blasted Into Dust " Do the Physics! 
   Being a scientist with a masters degree in theoretical physics and twenty years of technical experience in systems analysis, I couldn’t let the conclusions of the 9/11 Commission go unexamined.
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Feature Article
"B.O.R.G." " The Robot We Call "GOVERNMENT" 
   Much has been said about the nature of government and how it "should" serve the interests of the "people" or the "public". Unfortunately, I can think of no government on the planet that fits this description. This is wha
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   I distinguish here four categories of unethical acts and note that the most harmful in our society are those in which the decision to act unethically is the result of ignorance or misunderstanding concerning basic ethical principles. In particul
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Feature Article
   This article describes the essential relationships between Ethics, Law, and Government. An understanding of these relationships is an absolute requirement if one is to really grasp how the world works " and how the worlds institutions, as they exist
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   I have maintained for some time that taxation is government’s most criminal enterprise and that it is, in fact, a form of slavery. Yet it continues to baffle me that so many people cannot or will not see the obvious truth in these statements and ins
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