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Written by Subject: Immigration

By Frosty Wooldridge

On 9/11, 19 illegal aliens bombed the America’s World Trade Center into

rubble and America into an ongoing nightmare. That single act by illegal

aliens caused the deaths of 3,000 civilians. Further, it caused the

deaths of 2,500 US soldiers and 15,000 wounded in Iraq and

Afghanistan—from the US response. It caused the deaths in excess of

50,000 Iraqi citizens.

Two years ago, Theo Van Gogh, the great grandson of the famed Dutch

painter, Vincent Van Gogh, suffered knife wounds to his throat by a

Muslim immigrant who didn’t like Van Gogh’s right to free speech. A

Dutch teacher I traveled with last summer in Europe predicted that

Holland would suffer civil violence within five years. She said, “We’ll

have civil war and it’ll be our immigrants against us!”

In Sweden, Muslim immigrants rape Swedish women because those women “ask

for it” by not totally covering their bodies. Sweden suffers the

greatest cultural dilemma its nation has experienced in hundreds of


Last December, in Paris, France, legal Muslim immigrants firebombed

10,000 cars in a violent melee that terrified French citizens during four

solid weeks before authorities regained control. Today, French citizens

fear traveling into immigrant enclaves in France. It stands as a country

at odds with itself.

The same thing happened in Sydney, Australia where 5,000 people rioted

against immigrants who would not and did not respect Australian laws.

Immigrants demanded that Sharia Law become a part of Australia to satisfy

Muslim immigrants. Thankfully, they mandated, “If you don’t like

parliamentary law, you may choose to move to another country with Sharia


In England, Muslim immigrants demanded that swimming pools be changed

from co-ed to distinct times for women and men—to satisfy Muslims’ need

to separate the sexes. The ethnic and religious tension in the United

Kingdom makes it about as ‘united’ as a scorpion and a caterpillar in a


In the past month, Mexican ILLEGAL aliens marched in the streets of major

cities demanding their right to occupy the United States via an unarmed

invasion. They commandeered America’s streets in a show of ongoing

lawlessness that would make Billy the Kid proud!

What do all these events share in common? Immigration by incompatible

Third World cultures into First World countries! What causes it? Third

World countries’ birth rates explode past their carrying capacity, which

drives desperate people toward viable nations. Additionally, those

countries suffer dictators and tyrants, i.e., men like Mexico’s Vicente

Fox. Those countries suffer the power of the Catholic Church and

religion of Islam stuck in the 1st century where they espouse unlimited

and unending birth rates. Results: poverty, illiteracy, diseases, crime,

corruption and unending human misery.

Thirty years ago, Jean Raspail, a French novelist, wrote a book, “Camp of

the Saints” showing an armada leaving India with tens of thousands of

wretched immigrants whose own land was so horrible, they couldn’t better

it, so they sought another country for their salvation. At one point,

one of the reporters asked the captain what he thought.

He replied, “You don’t know my people—the squalor, superstitions, the

fatalistic sloth that they’ve wallowed in for generations. You don’t

know what you’re in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap.

Everything will change in this country of yours. They will swallow you


France has been swallowed. In an effort to save itself, in July of last

year, it closed its borders to further immigration. Last year, Holland

started tracking down illegal immigrants and sent them back. Further,

Holland mandated that no immigrant could come to Holland unless he or she

spoke fluent Dutch. Additionally, they curtailed the flood to a trickle.

Norway’s latest candidate for national office promotes closing the

borders of that country. Sweden is not far behind.

What do those countries share in common? Their quest for peaceful

diversity and multiculturalism died a violent death via the guillotine of

reality. The facts speak for themselves: you can’t mix Dark Ages

religions and cultures with First World societies. It doesn’t work. It

becomes violent. It creates poverty. Citizens of host countries suffer

the ethnic tension, racial stress and cultural angst. You can’t take in

too many immigrants, whether legal or illegal because they can’t be

assimilated. It doesn’t work. It deteriorates from the ‘myth of ideals’

to the lowest common denominator of hostility.

So, what’s happening to the United States? Exactly the same thing that

happened to Norway, Sweden, Holland, United Kingdom, France and


Because we are bigger, the violence spreads wider so it’s less

perceptible. However, 630,000 convicted illegal alien felons in U.S.

prisons tell the real story. Over 1.5 million illegal alien students in

U.S. schools creating horrific language and overcrowding nightmares spell

out the growing crisis. An added 16,000 cases of tuberculosis and 7,000

cases of leprosy--along with tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis “A”

imported into America in four years slams us with reality. Hospitals

crammed with sick and poor illegals and their babies—cause bankruptcies

and loss of care for American citizens. The list grows by the day as our

country stumbles toward violent confrontation.

What one factor characterizes the European violence? Legal immigrants

provoked riots. America suffers 20 million illegal alien migrants.

Their violence collectively grows more powerful by the day as 10,000

invade our borders daily according to Time Magazine.

What is it going to take for President Bush and Congress to wake up?

They know the violence is coming as surely as they knew Katrina

approached New Orleans. They know our streets stand ripe for horrific

violence from ILLEGAL aliens that have overstepped the rule of law in

America. They know the American people will react at some point.

Remember Watts? One incident sent Los Angeles into a conflagration never

experienced before. Why did it happen? Because the leaders ignored it,

pretended it wasn’t a problem, hoped it would go away and remained aloof.

Mark Twain called it, “The shabbiest of all lies…silent assertion…occurs

when the press and leaders ignore or suppress events of a growing crisis

within our society.” What happened to slavery and states’ rights? The

emotional result became our Civil War.

Mr. Bush, Cheney, McCain, Condi Rice, Specter, Hagle, Frist, Kennedy,

Pelosi, Kyle, Hatch, Canon and the rest of you yahoos can’t be that

stupid! Or, are you? You ‘let’ 9/11 happen because you wouldn’t enforce

our immigration laws. You and Clinton made it so easy to thwart our

immigration laws that 19 men danced into the United States and took

lessons on how to fly jet liners but didn’t need to learn how to land

them. You ‘let’ Katrina happen because you ignored the warning signs.

It is mildly pathetic that a sitting president with an approval rating of

33 percent “stays his course” while 67 percent of Americans say he is

failing at his job. You would think anyone with common sense would

change course. You would think that a sitting president with a

functioning brain and at least a three digit I.Q., in our Republican form

of government, would begin serving the American people instead of serving

illegal aliens, “…who do the jobs that Americans won’t do.”

I’m going to tell you, Mr. Bush, right here and now. You are guilty of

neglect of the U.S. Constitution. You stand in violation of your sacred

oath of office. That alone deserves impeachment. The rest of you in

Congress stand guilty of ignoring an “Immigration Katrina” that won’t hit

‘just’ New Orleans, but slams into every sector of the United States.

You stand guilty as sin for the destruction of millions of lives and

collateral damage that wreaks havoc on our society.

I promise each of you incompetent and outright traitors this: the

American people rise against you. We organize to defend our communities,

states and nation against this invasion. We won’t back down and we won’t

give up. Here’s a sample of what we’re doing in every hamlet, town, city

and state:

“Hello Frosty, My name is Michael Armstrong and I am an Oregon Minuteman,

and also a member of a local group "Citizen Caucus” fighting the illegal

immigration crisis. I have a request regarding the 21st Century Paul

Revere Ride. The largest group opposing illegal immigration is located

in Salem, Oregon "Oregonians for Immigration Reform." We see the ride

will come through Salem, Oregon Wednesday, June 9th. Jim Ludwick asked me

to see if we can coordinate with you to hold a joint rally on the capitol

steps of Salem when you come through Salem. If this is possible you

could help us keep the pressure on our local politicians, during this

election year. Please let me know if this is something you think is

possible, if it is I will coordinate the event with OFIR. Michael and


Fellow Americans, Paul Revere along with men and women patriots gave

birth to this country. Please, each of you and all immigration groups

call ride coordinator Howard Wooldridge and organize your rally on the

steps of your city as the Paul Revere Riders ride through. As we ride

into your state, we’ll pass out information on “HOW” to stop this

invasion. We’ll give you the tools to become the “counter critical mass”

of Americans who won’t back down. We expect not hundreds of motorcycle

Paul Revere Riders, but thousands to ride with us in every state. Our

soldiers didn’t die for open borders. They didn’t die for the bogus new

world order or one world government. They didn’t die for corrupt

politicians. They died for the U.S. Constitution and a government that

served, “We the people….”


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