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Hess Raising Funds To Combat Media Bias in the <i>Arizona Republic</i>

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The Hess for Governor campaign today announced a new fund raising effort to purchase radio and print ads specifically attacking the blatant and shameless media bias of the Arizona Republic, the newspaper of record in Arizona.

Proceeds from this fund raising drive will be used to purchase spots in reputable media sources that have fulfilled their civic and moral duty to completely, accurately, and fairly report on the race for Governor of Arizona. These funds will not be used to attack the position or programs of Janet Napolitano (D) or Len Munsil (R). The ads will specifically target the media bias and the way the Arizona Republic has abused the right the public has to all of the facts about all of the candidates, and not just those that support the Republic's editorial biases and desire to steer government policy and public opinion.

Donations will be collected via the website at

In announcing this fund raising drive, Mr. Hess, Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate, said, "The actions of the AZ Republic are unconscionable. In addition to the numerous inaccuracies, distortions and misrepresentations, the Republics' promoting of questionable polls that do not include all candidates on the ballot by name and party is not only misleading, but deceptive."

"My true opponent in this race is clearly neither Janet or Len. In the televised debates, we're all on equal footing, each a valid choice with clear policies and positions, and I'm confident the public sees that, first hand, when they watch those debates, and they can and will choose the best candidate. We've linked to the entire first debate video on our website, because we trust the voters. It's only the second hand reporting, primarily by the newspaper of record, the Arizona Republic, that harms not only our campaign, but the right of the voters to hear all of the facts. Effectively immediately, my campaign will be attacking public enemy #1, the true opponent of 'clean elections' and an informed electorate, the Arizona Republic and their biases in reporting the facts."

Mr. Hess invited all who have suffered media bias at the hands of the Republic to get involved in this effort. This issue is much larger than just Mr. Hess' campaign for Governor. In addition to Mr. Hess, former Republican Gubernatorial candidates Mike Harris, who endorsed Hess for Governor yesterday, and former Republican Gubernatorial Gary Tupper, along with the Republican nominee Munsil are already on record expressing concerns with the media coverage thus far. Video of Mr. Tupper discussing "Media Bias" is featured on the Hess website, as are past exchanges with the Arizona Republic editorial staff, complaining about this issue, and asking them to remedy it.

The Oct 10th coverage (cached local copy) of the Hess campaign was the "last straw," said Hess. Despite the previous complaints to the editors about the bias exhibited and their promises to remedy it, this new article was the latest to be skewed to paint Hess as not running a real campaign or be worthy of voter consideration.

The story says "Don't blame yourself if you haven't heard of Hess or much about his politics." We agree. It's time to lay the blame at the feet of the real reason: Media Bias on the part of the Arizona Republic.

Among the clear biases shown in the story:

* Complaining that a Libertarian primary had 'only' 3063 votes for Hess, but not mentioning that it was an uncontested primary for him. With no contest, voter turn out in any race will be very low. The Arizona Republic admits that 1/3 of the voters are independent, but then dismisses those registered as Libertarian as less than a basketball crowd. On Nov 7th, every voter, not just Libertarians, will have 3 choices for Governor, not 2.

* Using half quotes without their complete context, creating false impressions of Hess positions.

* Focusing solely on the 'gun show' recruitments, and ignoring the myriad other events, including Hispanic outreach, community volunteer events, and numerous radio programs, the Republic paints a false picture of the level and demographic of Hess support.

* Quoting over and over only the flawed polls which many others, including Munsil supporters, have called into question on validity and methods, including mathematical errors.

* Blaming the candidate and his campaign for a lack of media coverage because he refused to take 'Clean' elections funds to run his campaign or buy ads - They imply that the only way to be a candidate who can get fair coverage is to take the 'Dirty' money extracted from the taxpayers.

* Quoting a single polling “expert” saying that there are 'too few to matter' as a reason to ignore 33% of the choices for gubernatorial candidate on the ballot that all Arizonans will be able to choose from on Nov. 7th.

Mr. Hess concluded today's announcement stating, "With the continual decline in readership and subscribers, one can only conclude that it is the AZ Republic that will have ‘too few to matter’. Too few readers that is. We'll see if we can't help that trend along a bit."


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