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Ron Paul could be ignored in Arizona,... but I doubt it :)

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On the left is the stencil that was traced from an overhead projection and then cut out of a sheet of coroplast. Once this process was done the spray painting of gazillions of signs is easy. This size produces a sign about 3' x 8' that leaves another 1' strip from which to create another "REVOLUTION" sign that I wanted. (Oh yeah, this is about what "I" want. If you want something else then get your butt down to the HQ and get busy - 3 stations,... no waiting)
Three 4'x8' sheets of chip board are hinged on the wall so that they can lay flat against the wall for image tracing and then brought up to a comfortable angle for detailed work. When the three stations are laid flat they allow for a VERY LARGE BANNER to be produced (coming :)
The donated computers are for image design.
Oh,... the red "LOVE" in reverse will be highlighted with red LEDs that we purchased by the hundreds so it is very visible at night (its not a bomb! :)

Power tools of all kinds allow for very creative ideas.
AFTER an evening of production (usually 3 hours) it is time to relax, drink beverages and plot the saving of the planet.
About 20 people passed through during the 3 hours of our first night that work was being done. About 6 individuals were directly involved in the production of signs. With two templates ready we can now produce about 10 to 15 signs an hour with no rushing and time to eat pizza and drink beer.
My hope is to inspire others to come up with their own ideas and produce as many signs as they wish during the 7 weeks left on the short term lease. The pictures here show only half of the space being used so there is plenty of room. I'm happy to make a sign that you want if you pay for it and are willing to put them up. (figure $10 a sign if I like it and $15 a sign if I don't + $30 in Pizza and Beer money for the labor to create the master and you are responsible for getting them up)
Now if you want to come and use the space and buy your own material, then you are welcome to use our equipment and space. You likely will get some help for your idea in exchange for your help on someone else's.
I'll likely be down there at all hours but usually between 6pm and 9pm. If you are coming down and want to make certain someone is going to be there just call my cell phone at 602 717 5900. 

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Comment by Tom W.
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I love the idea, I love the signs. I tried to think of slogans for Ron Paul signs and came up with about 100, like for example: 'Help save America', 'Help save the constitution', 'Ron Paul in 08 or $Bust$'. It's hard to get the entire message of Ron Paul on a single sign. His current Congressional slogan 'Tax payer's best friend' I think is too weak. This has to do with much more than just saving money on taxes.

I think that the important thing from a marketing standpoint is branding. The revolution brand provides intrigue. The second or third time that someone sees this, their curiosity is going to get the best of them. I also found the YouTube Ron Paul Revolution teaser very moving. I say we go with it and start cranking these out by the hundreds. I'll be there on Thursday to help.

Comment by Philly Dave
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LOL at #1

Shhhhhhhhhhh !

Comment by Bowman
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Readers: vote for where you think the secret workshop is!

1) In a cave under the Old Bailey
2) Beneath a trapdoor at Coco's Restaurant on East Cactus
3) In the billiards room of Barry Goldwater's forgotten White Mountains cabin
4) Or, Ernie, why don't you just tell us?