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‘Revolution’: The First American Tradition By Barry Hess

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
The First American Tradition
By Barry Hess
“We need a bloody revolution every twenty years, just to keep government honest.” 
For a very long time these words of a colonial patriot puzzled me.  Why would a diplomat and statesman who had risked everything, including his life, to establish a sovereign entity like no other in the Earth’s history, be talking about revolutionary cycles as the only means to keep that new entity ‘honest’?
 Now, with a few years and many miles under my belt, I think I understand. He had studied human nature, and knew that it was inevitable that people of ill intent would find a way to use the brute force of government to control and profit from the vast majority of these new ‘Americans’.  He also understood political cycles.
Thomas Jefferson was not given to using words loosely or imprecisely so a significant question we need to ask is how ‘bad’ people might come to control a population when that very population is solely responsible for the maintenance of its government?
It would appear that the populace became corrupt and drunk on money.  More precisely, money that came from nowhere…it literally never had an owner before.  Just ‘poof’, and there it was.
More and more people are coming to understand how the Federal Reserve Bank notes thing works.  They’ve managed to put two and two together even though burdened by the deficiencies of government’s “free” educational welfare system.
Let’s see…. if all visible taxes combined cover less than half of what the government spends…where’s the rest coming from?  Nowhere!  It ‘just appears’.
In the simplest of terms, Congress goes to its sub-contractor for money, the, ahem, privately-owned “Federal” Reserve.  The Federal Reserve snatches brand new money right out of the air every time it fires up its printing presses.   The Federal Reserve Company  (hereinafter referred to as ‘ FedCo’.) is kind enough to “sell” these snatched dollars at face value, to Congress…and at interest, of course.
What does this have to do with the impending revolution?  Everything, as will become very clear as we stumble along the path of political evolution.
How does this affect you?  Well, for the sake of clarity, let’s say there are an hundred individual people, total, participating in the entire economy.  And let’s say there are 1,000 single unit…. ah…er, uh, “dollars” in the total economy.  Let’s say you make $10/hr and worked a whole hour.  And finally, let’s say you saved all of it, either by putting the paper under your mattress or reducing it further still to being a computer credit in your bank account.
Okay, so far, so good.
Here’s the lesson: Each Congressmen has his or her own special interest group(s) whose voting numbers assure their re-election.  Special interest support has a cost.  Their special interest voting block must get very special benefits (on-going, big dollar government contracts are very popular these days) to keep the relationship mutually beneficial.   Then, deals are made between the lawmakers themselves for mutual support for each other’s spending projects.  The problem is, there are lots of Congress People!  Add it all up and without exception you will get a budget that is bigger than all the money earned by all the working people in the economy.  My assumption is that the reader was already aware of such established realities. 
So what’s a Congress to do?  Raising visible taxes on the working people would not be well received and could be politically fatal.  Humm, a dilemma.  Why not, have FedCo print up another 1,000 units? Of course!  That was easy.  Problem solved.
How this affects you is pretty serious.  The ‘money from nowhere’ didn’t add any value to the economy.  All it did was add more units of trade to the marketplace—twice as many as were before.   Remember how proud you were of your fancy $10/hr job?  Well since Congress and FedCo just doubled the amount of money in the entire economy to purchase the same amount of products in the market—you end up with a 50% pay cut--retroactively.  Since the money supply doubled, but marketable products stayed the same—the producers of products are forced to double the price of their goods just to keep the real spendable value the same.  Your $10.00 went to $5.00, then the prices of goods and services doubled.  You are now down to one quarter the spending power of what you actually earned.  Still proud of your now $2.50/hr job? 
The vast majority of Americans are content to simply whine and mutter about how everything is just so expensive these days.  In an ironic twist, if you were a good thrifty ‘saver’, you lose—but those who rush out to spend all they earn get more actual value for their time and currency, than you.  Does this sound like a stable economy to you?
The people and companies that benefit from this circumstance call it “inflation”—I call it theft.  They don’t want to alarm you—I DO!  When your pay goes up in dollar numbers, you end up losing ground (unless it doubles) because it takes twice as many dollars to buy the same goods and services.
To illustrate what this means in real terms, let’s use the value of what was still a “dollar” in 1963, when we were still on the gold standard and a “dollar” was defined by specific weights of gold and silver (you may want to glance at the national charter for precise weights).  Today’s “dollar” is barely worth 2, yes two 1963 cents!  In sum, you have to earn 50 times the number of today’s dollars your parents did—just to maintain the same standard of living. 
How’s that workin’ out for ya?
Sooner or later the general public will understand that when it sees the Dow Jones Stock Index push skyward, it’s not because a whole bunch of stocks suddenly ‘gained’ some real value in the marketplace, it’s because it takes more dollars to buy them.  It takes more dollars to buy them because the dollar is worth less than it was yesterday. 
The fun begins when the public realizes it can no longer ignore the accelerating costs of…everything.  If you don’t stop it now, there’ll come a time when taxes, fines and fees consume every dollar you earn, so politicians can give it to people of their choosing (remember those ‘special’ interests?)—before you can feed your own family. 
Money is only ‘time’ memorialized.  I mean ‘Time’, as in the number of minutes we each have on Earth.  Your personal number of minutes is the only limited commodity any of us will ever know. They are therefore the only possible benchmark in determining anything’s value.
When people realize that the value of their hard earned dollars was stolen right out of their pockets, and their minutes sucked right out of their life, the fireworks will begin.  When the people start asking “who?” stole their money—the guillotine line will form to the rear.
Hopefully I have laid the necessary foundation to present an interesting quote, and to bring this diatribe back to its intended theme.
“If the public knew how money works in America, there’d be a revolution by morning”, Henry Ford.
Why did I preface this political/social observation with money?  Because underlying the decline of America is the loss in value of our money.
Historically, the debasing of a nations currency always leads to the collapse of social welfare (special interests), chaos, mass hunger, unemployment, desperation, then anarchy and social stabilization of civil interaction through formalized structures of administration.  Hopefully, when that scenario unfolds on American soil again, the People will have the common sense to re-implement our original Constitution—fixing only the parts pertinent to recognizing all Citizens, as sovereign equals under the law.    
Have the once-proud American People lost their collective minds?  Do they not understand the basics of economics?  Can it be that they are now conditioned to think that government can give everybody everything without anybody having to produce anything?  We will most certainly see, in the very near term.    
I’ve heard what every self-described ‘political insider’ has said “IS going to happen” in regard to presidential politics and oddly enough, none of them paint the same picture.   So now, with your permission, I’ll take my shot at it.
There’s never been a time in American history when there has been a greater confluence of ‘official threats’ to public health; safety and welfare then there are right now.  All of them seem to be coming to a head at the same time and something’s gotta give.   This is one of my, “Vuja de” moments in history.  Translated, it means, ‘We have NEVER been here before’.  What happens from here on out should be interesting at the very least.
A glossing overview of unfolding circumstances would have to include the economics of a very serious ‘correction’ (de-valuation) in the housing and stock markets along with record home foreclosures, record repossessions, record arrests because of an increase in crimes of desperation and record detainments of Citizens ‘on suspicion of this or that’, by government—to protect the public, of course.  Then there’s global warming and government surveillance of its owners…    That’s all before we talk about the effects of Methamphetamines on the family, HIV, TB, Bird Flu, teen pregnancies, child molesters, gay marriage licensing, heterosexual marriage licensing, overseas out-sourcing, the destructive social effects of children being subjected to indoctrination under the guise of ‘education’, blatant vote fraud, the rise of “terrorism” (all against ‘you’, because you’re an American…or “free”), an administration that spits on our Constitution and our individual rights daily, corporate warmongers profiteering from their munitions products by selling the People on war and, Lord don’t get me started on immigration, gas prices or drunk drivers. 
That’s a lot of stuff for the average person to keep in mind every minute of every day, even while they must work to feed their families.  You need to sleep with one eye open and have a few in the back of your head just to keep up.
A very simple change in policy would completely nullify virtually all of the threats to our personal safety, so the governmental administration could focus on finding a way to make nice with, or at least be polite to all other nations of the world. 
We need only respect the natural, and constitutionally reserved right of each individual to defend themselves from all comers.  See? A minor change would make all the difference in the world.  That’s why it’s puzzling as to why these so-called ‘women’s rights’ groups always want to disarm everybody else.  How it might make sense that to disarm 80% (this excepts criminals, terrorists and the police) of the People somehow makes anyone ‘safer’, is well beyond my humble abilities.  The very idea that a person confronted with violent harm, should wait until a guy with a gun comes to ‘protect’ them from a guy with a gun, is patently absurd on its face. 
Either by discouragement or demise—the bad guys go away when the common man is armed and able to protect himself.  The People are going to have to decide if they want to stop criminal activity, or just keep focusing on brutalizing and punishing criminals.   
Have you noticed that in every instance where government forces are introduced onto the scene (think ‘9-11’, Katrina, or any of hundreds of other instances) it does the same thing?  Without exception the first official instruction to victims is to do whatever the ‘authorities’ say to do.  The first comforting notice is that you’re on your own until they can line up their friends with bloated contracts to provide relief for you.
So what about the revolution?  Thanks for asking.  It’s about ‘tipping points’ and the weight of all of the aforementioned concerns that has finally pushed America to the brink.  Whether we welcome it, deny it, or vainly attempt to head it off—a real live revolution is still inevitable. 
The first signs of revolution actually appear as cracks in the façade of a concept we call ‘government’ itself.  What people see are the leaks, lies, in fighting, open hostility, personnel turnovers, and endless failures.  Along with these things comes the realization that no government ever has or could actually protect its Citizenry from all the hobgoblins they create.  Of course, if you haven’t seen them yet, you may want to pull your head out of…ah, er, uh, the sand.
What I see happening unfolds in five sequential stages, each shorter, faster moving and more emotionally intense than the last. 
These stages begin with, ‘The Rumble’, building to, “The Roar”, “The Rage”, “The Revolution” and finally, the one no one wants to talk about-“The Retribution”.  
“The tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants, and frequently.” (Thomas Jefferson)
Like so many others, I don’t fear revolution.  Given our current police state circumstance—I embrace it.  Still, Jefferson’s strong, clear words are not all that encouraging, or conducive to solace when you realize it may well be your turn to water the tree.
“America” holds a unique place in world history.  She is founded on the notion that all individuals are actually “free and equal” and own both their government and their private property.  What makes America so incredible is the inherent righteousness in these principles on which she was founded.  There has never been another nation in all of world like America.  Not one.
While none of us has an ‘obligation’ to do anything--each of us definitively does have a responsibility to leave the next generation the only legacy of any value---their individual freedoms, rights and liberties.
And that’s the point.  It’s not even a secret that our own government has been directly responsible for bringing individual freedom and privacy to their knees, and for irresponsibly exposing us—the very Citizens it was set up to serve—to greater harm from foreigners than ever before.
Even being mindful of the Civil War, the 1929 depression and the war in Vietnam, the conditions conducive to a Citizen’s revolt have never been more real in America than they are today.
Frederick Douglas is said to have uttered words to this effect: “The limits of tyranny are defined by the endurance of the oppressed.”, what I find absolutely amazing is the extraordinary extent to which the limits have already been stretched.  It must be true that sheep have to be cornered before they will finally defend themselves.  Lions don’t.
You don’t really have to look very far to see the first cracks.  When Congress and the President have respectively set new record lows in public confidence, the declining value of the Federal Reserve’s ‘Dollar’ is openly discussed, the legitimacy of elections is compromised and 70% of the American public wants us to get out of this undefined war, we surely have arrived at a ‘tipping point’.  
This happens to be a presidential election year, and as if drawn in by a political vacuum, a man of impeccable integrity and credibility is all but ‘called’ to fill the void.  Amazingly, he hails from the tainted midst of the Republican/Democrat Party.  That singular and separate man is Ron Paul.
Viewed from the outside, America must certainly resemble the manifestation of George Orwell’s ‘Newspeak’.  We like to say we are ‘free’, but we are ruled by our servants.  We like to say we are a democracy, but our constitution rejects such a system and specifically demands a republic.  We like to say we have free speech, but we allow the president to prescribe ‘zones’ for such dissent.  We like to speak of the ‘almighty’ dollar, but we sit idly by as our own politicians destroy its value.
By the same token, the lone potential president who speaks of constitutional adherence, individual rights and responsibility, is systematically ignored by the old media—as if they can still control public perception as to which candidates are ‘viable’.  Fortunately, they can’t.  Probably the single greatest oversight by those who relish power over the masses is,®.  For the first time in human history individuals have the advantage of instantaneous communication amongst themselves, and in video!  No longer could the old media shape news events. Now it has to compete with actual footage of the event.
The ‘rumble’ stage is the longest in the progression usually lasting 6-7 years.   It is characterized by government officials who arrogantly seek to perpetuate their power by ignoring the dictates of their Constitutional authority and outrageously nibbling away at the very essence and rights of the individuals they were hired to ‘serve’.   This stage definitively began with the discouraging election controversy of the current federal administration in 2000.
In one fell swoop, the general public was introduced to the reality that elections, the very basis of our Democratic Republic could be and likely were literally stolen.  The continued political protection this administration has afforded the electronic vote tabulating process has only served to feed public skepticism and distrust, as has the ‘accidental’ destruction of thousands of ballots the courts had ordered preserved in Ohio.
Josef Stalin is quoted as saying that the one counting the vote determines the out come—tell me he didn’t know exactly what he was saying.  The Diebold brothers, who garnered the contracts to count over 80% of all of the votes—without any effective or outside verification, have steadfastly refused to reveal their source codes.  Isn’t that a little bit of an anathema to the Constitutional dictates of fair, open and public elections? 
The problem the bad guys face is Dr. Ron Paul’s message—it’s not just the messenger.  He speaks of the principles on which America was founded, and the message sells itself.
The ‘rumble’ is widespread.  It smolders just-under-the-surface.  Public anger, angst and quiet discontent is solidifying against the institution of government itself. One thing that is certain is the more the old media excludes this lone defender of the constitution—the more his freedom-loving supporters push him out front. 
A quick glance at his Internet supporter sites, the tens of thousands of videos on YouTube® and similar sites, a thousand supporter ‘meet up’ groups (another 400 have sprung up in other countries), his commanding wins in 15 out of 19 Republican straw polls, his having the third fullest campaign coffers, his dominance and virtual sweep in on-line post debate polls should make it obvious that the common folk are starting to smell the crap in government and its propaganda wing; the old media.
This has got to be a frustrating point for these long-time collaborators.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall when at one of their monthly control-the-world meetings, someone suggests, “The common folk are no longer under our (their) control or influence”—tell me that wouldn’t be a hoot.  These would be the same folks who believe that anyone not under control is out of control. 
The fires of revolution are being fanned by the efforts of the very people trying to put them out.  Thanks to the blatant media efforts to limit public exposure to all the facts and choices, there naturally grew a general sense of curiosity about what was being kept from them.  As an offshoot, we’ve all witnessed the proliferation of alternate news source sites, drawing a substantial numbers of people completely away from the old media.  Effectively, by their heavy-handed attempts to quash alternate news and opinion sites they rendered themselves irrelevant.  I have a friend who likes to say, “Newspapers are sooooo last century”.  Makes sense to me.
Where the control-minded people went awry is in their failure to even comprehend the idea of ‘voluntary support’ for a candidate.  Indeed, the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ is all about grassroots.  Activist supporters have effectively created a new kind of publicity, and media.  Ironically, the old media continue to fuel the flames that will no doubt consume them even as they attempt to turn back the tide of true popular support this country hasn’t seen since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.
My thoughts of our current administration and its old media cohorts always go back to the drowning guy who is drowning only because he won’t let go of the bags of gold in his hands.  In this case, the ‘gold’ is the power of perceived authority.
It is probably prudent to remind the reader that there are no rules for revolution, so every option left to the oppressed masses is on the table.  Keep your eyes open and your head clear.  It could get dicey.
Mahatmas Gandhi is often quoted as having said: “First they ignored us, then they laughed at us, then they fought us—then we won.”  In the Ron Paul example, the stages Gandhi spoke of are perfectly proven.
There was a murmur of discontent among the masses.  And it was ignored.  The murmur became the ‘rumble’, and it was laughed at.  The ‘rumble’ stage is the general public’s response to encroachments on the privacy, property and rights of the individual…all for the ‘greater good’---whatever that is. 
Free speech zones, curfews, fake safety intrusions on traveling, denial of self-protection, devaluation of currency, brutal retribution against political dissent and forcing every Citizen to depend on government for their sustenance are all signs that the people in office have effected a coup and stolen the People’s government. 
The volume went up and the popular movement grew.  We now find ourselves witnessing a critical transition into the ‘rage’ stage.  This is the stage that draws the bad guys out into the open and humor is nowhere to be found.
The ‘Rage’ moves quickly and delivers much more than just an amplified outcry from the ‘Rumble’.
As the rage intensifies, the groundswell cannot be ignored.  The power mongers are forced to acknowledge the movement’s existence, but do so in ways they think are as clever as the old ‘left-handed’ compliment—they attempt to minimize or marginalize the human urge to be free.  They attempt to make light of the movement, but its not so funny and the result is inevitably a dramatic hardening of the resolve of the insurgents.
A major component of this move toward all-out revolution is the growing public awareness of the illegalities involved in the imposition of the income tax.  No longer is it just the ‘fringe-ers’ who are willing to take first arrows for simply demanding the IRS produce the actual law that makes the average individual liable.  The more the IRS (which is in reality just a collection agency for FedCo, and not a part of the American government) refuses to produce the law, the more people realize that there is no such law—nor could there be. 
The problem FedCo and their collection agency cannot overcome is that more and more common folks are learning the Truth.
The late movie producer, Aaron Russo’s film, “America—From Freedom to Fascism” is (thanks to Google video and $1 DVDs) spreading the Truth to all corners of society.  To quote an old axiom:  “You can’t un-learn the Truth”, and there’s the rub.  The Truth, like the desire to be free, is naturally magnetic and attractive to human beings and no amount of force can diminish it for long.
On a much smaller scale, America witnessed a false start when the National Guard was used to brutalize demonstrators at the Democrat’s national convention in 1968, and to kill students at Kent State.  That movement failed because there was no principle that the common folk could gravitate toward, cling to or even identify.
Our current social circumstance is just the opposite.  Today the movement is based on a simple idea that ALL human beings are to be treated by government as exact equals---and everyone involved understands it.  The nerves, emotions and determination of the growing body of activists that refuse to kow-tow to the brutal force of government are hardening. 
The stakes in every confrontation between the people who just want to be let alone, and those who won’t leave them alone, have risen dramatically.  
The ‘Rage’ is the culmination of the frustrations realized when protests are ignored and laughed at by government.  I like to say that the 2nd Amendment to the American constitution was purposely placed as ‘back-up’—in case the 1st Amendment didn’t get the job done.
The ‘Rage’ is exemplified not only by large-scale resistance to government impositions and demands, but by outright confrontation as well.  The more government tries to quell the masses, the more hardened is the resistance.  The more common government abuse of its Citizens becomes, the more popular counter measures become.
Outlaws become good guys when the laws are bad.  Think of Al Capone and John Dillanger’s popularity with the public.
When government realizes the inherent weakness in their forcible control over the superior numbers of the general population has been exposed, their desperate actions to fend off the inevitable, will lead to their capitulation.       
An armed and determined population cannot be conquered.   Proving the wisdom of America’s founders one more time.  It was their forethought that circumstances such as we see today might come to pass, that led them to demand the enumeration of the right of the individual to defend themselves against all comers.
Thomas Jefferson said it well: “A true patriot must be willing to stand, to fight and if called upon—to die in defense of his country…even against its own government.”
The ‘Revolution’ stage of political evolution is the relinquishment of power.  It is the shortest and most unremarkable of the stages.  Fortunately, Americans have a solid framework on which to re-build their nation.  A simple return to the original constitution (modifying only those parts that distinguish between individuals to make it clear that ALL individuals are equal) solves all the accumulated problems of the past 218 years since its original inception.
In my view, the only scary or unsettling stage of the cycle is the ‘retribution’.  That’s when we’ll see the war crimes tribunals, and punishment for those who perpetuated the theft of American values.  Ernest Hancock refers to this stage as “the guillotine line”.  It won’t be pretty.       
As espoused in the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers made it clear that our government was formed solely to protect the rights and property of the individual.  When government deviates from that singular assignment, it is the right of the People, to alter or abolish it.
I rest my case.  Standing up and fighting for individual freedom is the original American tradition.  Viva La Revolution!

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