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AZ GOP Candidate gets a lesson in how things work

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity

William Jefferson M.A.

 (Graduate of the U. of Michigan's Counseling Program and UCLA's Attorney
 Assistant Program)

 African American/Republican

Dear Fellow Activists:

 At present, I am a candidate for Highland Justice of the Peace in Gilbert,  Arizona. Unfortunately, there are individuals who continue to harbor archaic  beliefs about "tall" person's (like me) holding public office in the Town of  Gilbert. Of the five candidates running for the same office, I was the only  person challenged.

 I hired a "professional petition gathering service" on February 7th, 2008.  This person had come highly recommended by several elected officials in the  community. I was assured that this person "had never had any challenges  against their petitions". Each week, my wife and I checked on the progress  of the petition gathering and each week were assured that "all was going  well". When we asked to have the petitions given to us as they were being  collected, we were told that it would be "best" to have them all delivered  in bulk. Although I requested to have all of the petitions ready to turn in  during the first days, in which they were due to for calculation by the  elections representative, I was asked to allow for the collection of  signature until the final days. On June 1st, we received the bulk of the  petitions with the verbal assurance that they had been "checked for  validity". We paid for the completed petitions with the assurance that our  over 1450 would more than satisfy the required number of 951 signatures.

 On the final day (06-18-2008) to make a challenge against a candidate, the  unthinkable happened. Another candidate had scrupulously discovered that  over 500 of the gathered signatures were "invalid". I was 37 signatures  short. After going to trial (06-25-2008), it was noted that I was 23  signatures short.  Needless to say, the aforementioned candidate had used  the justice system to do two things: 1). A "tall" person was being denied an  opportunity to run for office and 2). The citizens of Gilbert were being  denied an opportunity to review the experience and credentials of all of the  individuals running for the office.

 Men and women wearing the various military uniforms of our great country are  fighting and dying so that we might enjoy freedom. They do so because they  understand "honor" and respect the rights of Americans to have freedom of  choice.

 On Wednesday, June 25th in a courtroom in Phoenix, the good citizens of  Gilbert, Arizona had their freedom to choose stolen. My right to run was  taken away, not for committing a crime or being party to a crime but as a  result of the heinous behavior of another candidate who repeatedly obtained  the signature of citizens immediately after they had signed my petitions (23  "same day" signatures). Ironically, even though this behaviour was  documented by one of the signatures collectors who had directly confronted  the misconduct, it was ruled inadmissible by the court. In essence, with the  stroke of a pen, the courts had ruled that the innocent must suffer while  the guilty are rewarded.

 I have raised two sons in Gilbert for almost 20 years. During that time, I  have volunteered on numerous occasions. I have always lent a hand in my  community because I was lead to believe that this is a town of hard working  citizens with strong Christian values.

 I have provided professional services to ex-military personnel and their  families since the beginning of my professional career. It is disheartening  to hear Viet Nam era veterans report that my treatment, in regards to  running, was "to be expected". I expected that my fellow candidates would  behave with honor and respect, in lieu of the position to which they aspire.  It is difficult for me to understand why an individual would disregard the  values encompassing "justice" for their own gains. I am not naïve, I  recognize that there are numerous individuals on the bench who do not embody  honorable virtues but I expected more of my fellow candidates.

 I began by stating that I am a candidate for Highland Justice of the Peace.  Although a lower court has decided that I do not have the right to be on the  ballot or continue campaigning, I refuse to surrender. I will continue to  honor those who have given their lives for the freedom that is so flagrantly  being disregarded. I will continue to appeal not for personal gain but out  of respect every American regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity or  socioeconomic status.

 I believe in the citizens of America and I believe in the good citizens of  the Town of Gilbert.

 There is still time for justice to prevail.

William Jefferson


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Comment by Greg Gilbert (17872)
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Another political wanna be who cannot play by the rules, and then when caught, blames others. We need to have candidates that have ethics, as they turn into politicians that have ethics. Blaming the person you hired to get the signatures on your petitions, shows you would be someone who would not stand up and take responsibility for their own actions. You were the one responsible for hiring someone to get your name on the ballot. You were responsible, do not blame the system for your mistakes. You then blame someone else for questioning your petitions. They obviously were correct in questioning them. I guess you support candidates getting on the ballot regardless of the law? Politicians who have no respect for the law should not be allow to campaign, just as your efforts were appropriately and legally stopped. To do anything else would be to ignore the rules. Unless we are to assume that you are above the rules? That is unethical, and politicians and people that are unethical have no place in our community.

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