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Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
Props to the young man because he had a video camera mounted in the car streaming staight to the internet. Why did he have this? He was assaulted one night by a off duty police officer who was drunk. The state paid him a settlement for the crime but he was always nervous after that.
This video is NOT to bash cops but rather to educate the public that some cops will LIE and will not care while doing so.
"Peace officers." DO NOT act like this lunatic. Unfortunately, there are not many true "peace officers" left.
What we are left with are a bunch of cops who are running amuck all day desperately trying to catch CODE breakers NOT actual law breakers. 
Most in the force have no idea they are being used as a revenue collector and/or collection agency for the STATE OF ARIZONA. The same STATE OF ARIZONA which in fact a corporation listed in Duns and Bradstreet. Click this link to see for yourself.
It's no diiferent than IRS agents who are the collection arm of the corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Some argue the code breaking cops are just doing their job. What are they suppose to do. Well they took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, they should be held accountable and they should not enforce blatent unconstitutional laws, codes and/or statutues.
Would we ever say that the German SS guards should have never been held accountable for burning jews and many other groups alive because they were just doing there jobs and following orders?

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