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Black Friday’s Cheap Exchange On Foreign Policy … Hilary To Obama: “Shame on you …!”

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Foreign Policy

     As a nation going left of the center, we no longer entertain doubts that our foreign policy days ahead is going to be between the devil and the deep blue sea. The crack on the glass on how to deal with our foreign relations is ready to give way because the president-to-be and the would-be State Secretary do not see eye-to-eye on foreign policy matters.

      The animosity on foreign policy between Barack and Hilary is so deep that they have even resorted to cheap word exchanges – like rushing at the gate of marvelous Marvin in New York that’s going bankrupt, for a bargain sale on Black Friday – just to knockout each other.

       In a mailer showing “a locked plant gate” to dramatize an attack on Sen. Clinton’s faulty outlook on international agreements like NAFTA -- a knockout punch intentionally delivered below the belt -- Obamanists accused the Senator of even committing trivial sins – like faulting Clinton as an incorrigible NAFTA believer.  Obama is frontally opposed to NAFTA, a rallying assault on the Republicans during his presidential campaign! To  Democrats turning socialists, NAFTA is a total disaster!

       A statement that NAFTA is “a boon to the economy” has been attributed to Clinton.  Among the socialist Democrats, that was almost like a political disease.  Of course the statement was false. In her biography, Hilary Clinton opposed NAFTA.

       “Shame on you, Barack Obama! ”, Hilary screamed! “The sky will open, light will come down …” and the Senator’s angry voice was drowned by the maddening ruckus of her offended leftist liberal supporters.

        In retaliation, Hilary and her outraged camp circulated “a photograph of Obama dressed in African garb during a trip to that continent in 2006.”  Amidst the rumor that Obama’s expertise in foreign policy is simply the fact that he lived in Indonesia as a Muslim and was born in Africa and therefore not a natural born citizen qualified to run for president,  Sen. Clinton dramatized this Obama vulnerability by holding a “convention of members of a predominantly black sorority in Washington, D.C.”  to ventilate her sullen relationship with and hostile campaign against, the now president-elect who just appointed her the next Secretary of State! Weird, you might say … certainly one of the understatements of the closing year.

      In the campaign trail, Obama and his political strategists almost screeched to a halt just to find the right words to use to address Sen. Clinton’s intransigent attacks with a muted cry of bitterness for indulging on what they thought was such a petty “silliness”.

       Responding, Obama had tried to be as “polite” as possible to minimize further deterioration of the worsening animosity between himself and Sen. Clinton.  The public is starting to see a Black Hole in the incoming Democrat administration that would suck the Obama government out of orbit.

        “The notion that they [Clinton and her political centurions] would try to use this [the photograph] to imply in some way that I’m foreign, I think is, you know, unfortunate … These are the kinds of political tricks and silliness you start seeing at the end of campaigns..." 

       This is what the State Secretary designate said of Obama’s foreign policy direction in dealing with international terrorism: Obama “wavers from seeming to believe that mediation and meetings without preconditions can solve some of the world’s most intractable problems to advocating rash unilateral military action without cooperation among allies in the most sensitive region of the world.”[2]

       Sen. Clinton was referring to Obama’s open dialogue policy with nuclear-armed terrors, i.e. the presidents of Iran and North Korea without preconditions, as well as to Obama’s “lack of experience” and the president-elect’s “impulsiveness” in launching an attack on Pakistan to take out the fugitive Osama bin Laden, which the Pakistani treacherous leadership is believed to be harboring, hiding and protecting. Thus a young Rambo-like “inexperienced” and “impulsive” president of the most powerful nation on the planet is not only a danger to America but also a nightmare to the rest of the world!

        Describing the “inexperienced” Obama as a risk to the nation in matters of foreign affairs, there is no doubt that Sen. Clinton is very articulate in this department of foreign policy conflict. She is projecting to the American public that their differences are like oil and water.

       The State Secretary designate hides no bone of contention about it – she thinks she is much better, more reliable and safer than Obama, to lead the nation. Unfortunately for Hilary, the Democrats didn’t believe she was more trustworthy than Obama, and that indeed is a disturbing caveat, now that she is the most powerful member of the Obama Cabinet in so far as world affairs are concerned. In global diplomacy, she had wizened up to the folly of the “Carter doctrine” – and she believes that she had become smarter than Obama -- in dealing with international terrorism.

         Former President Jimmy Carter was a complete disappointment in foreign relations for America. Obama is following Carter’s obsession to diplomacy even when terror bloodied the nose of America.  Never was America perceived as a weak nation under the U.S. “talking president”, Jimmy Carter, that terror had to take advantage of it.

       In Iran, even hordes of radical students were emboldened by President Carter’s weakness. For the first time in the history of U.S. international relations, young arrogant Muslim radicals invaded the U.S. Embassy in Teheran and held American diplomats hostage. One of those young fanatics who believed that America can be kicked in the ass is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, now president of Iran.

      Ahmadinejad cursed this “nation of the devil” worse than the proclamation of Hugo Chavez that President George W. Bush is the world’s “El Diablo”; the terror of Iran has neither fear nor respect of the United States – thanks to Jimmy Carter – that he has no compunction whatsoever in declaring to all and sundry that in spite of U.S. protection of the State of Israel, he would wipe Israel off the map.  It was a dangerous defiance of U.S. might -- an historical insult directed to the United States, not just to Jerusalem that this international terrorist had marked for nuclear extinction.

       Obama treads on the “Carter diplomacy” of disaster. Carter, the peanut farmer diplomat, would talk peanuts with terror, as opposed to President Ronald Reagan the Soviets feared as a shooting cowboy in what Kremlin perceived as America’s shotgun diplomacy.  It was fear of what Reagan might do to Iran when he took over the presidency from Carter, that Ayatollah Khomeini released the American diplomat hostages through a third country mediation process.

        But on a Black Friday cheap exchanges of barbs in the shopping counters, Obama accuses Sen. Clinton of irresponsibility in international politics that indirectly led to the assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto on December 27, 2007. [3] The Obama people theorized that by voting for the invasion of Iraq, Sen. Clinton diverted critical attention away from the growing strength of Al Qaeda in Pakistan that led to Bhutto’s assassination.

       “[B]aseless allegations …” a Hilary spokesman Phil Singer retorted. A cheap talk exchange to what Obama sees of Sen. Clinton’s political indulgence on “silliness”.

        Obama claims that Henry Kissinger, America’s well-known charismatic diplomat, McCain’s friend of more than 35 years had said that “… we should meet with Iran – guess what – without precondition.” Obama was trying to tell his opponents John McCain and Hilary Clinton that he was not a green horn in his diplomatic stand to meet and negotiate with terror because Kissinger supports his foreign policy position.

        Kissinger was startled and issued a denial of Obama’s statement that he supports the president-elect’s foreign policy position. “I would not recommend the next President engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level. My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views of my friend Senator John McCain."

        Kissinger sort of slapped Obama’s face, for attributing to him a false statement. That’s cheap and dirty, even for a Black Friday blitz.

      With Bill Ayers’ violent socialism knocking at the door, we may yet end up in a deep depression when giant entrepreneurs that create millions of jobs take their flight to other countries.   

       When a depression worse than that of the 1920s-30s occurs, it means that the national economy is down and out, except perhaps the nation’s caretaker business and the grave digging industry that will enjoy a tremendous economic boom!

       The scenario isn’t only ugly but also scary to look at … God forbids! #

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