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Get the Freshest New End the Fed Tee & Flashy Bumper Stickers at 25% off Until July 1st!

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June 8, 2011The indie film Silver Circle has launched its online store, now offering t-shirts, silver rounds, and bumper stickers for fans and followers alike.


One of the most anticipated items are the Silver Circle End the Fed t-shirts that grew popular back in 2008 during the Audit the Fed and Ron Paul Campaign. The unique design gives the t-shirt a fresh new look and a women’s fit in the t-shirt is also available. A great gift for the wife or girlfriend!


Some of the bumper stickers that are now on sale include a favorite from “Central Banking is Evil” while Silver Circle has created a controversial “Bitch Why’d You Taze Me?” bumper sticker to poke fun at the hot topic of police abuse while paying tribute to a jaw dropping part of the film. (no spoilers allowed!) Silver is still available in 1 oz. and 1/10 oz. rounds through Delvalley Silver’s store.


Watch our promotional video to find the secret code and reward yourself with 25% off your first purchase! (offer ends July 1st and excludes silver)

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