Overload Big Brother's Brain!

Written by David McElroy Subject: Activism
 We all know Uncle Sam has spent billions of our tax dollars to spy on us, to destroy our privacy and monitor all of our electronic communications. Your cell phone tracks your location and listens in even after you have turned it off. Your E-mail is certainly being intercepted, and the feds can log every key stroke, making your computer passwords useless. What can we do?
 We can reverse the dynamic and overload Big Brother's brain, and do it legally. I propose a bit of communications Judo turning the energy back against the shadowy intelligence analysis centers. It is similar to the Air Force dumping chaff to obscure and confuse an enemy's radar system. Think about it.
 This strategy is simple and uses perfectly legal means, but must be used by millions acting independently to fry the feds' nerves. So do spread this around:
 Just send an E-mail to yourself, from one of your accounts to another, preferably with two different service providers. There is no law against this! But in the text of your message, knowing you are monitored, let the goons know what you think of the federal fascist police state and the military/industrial banksters' empire. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate corrupt officials, and use those "trigger" words generously in a context that is defensible and non-criminal. The idea is to get automated computer surveillance systems kicking out so many alerts for human analysis that the feds cannot keep up with the workload sorting thru the chaff.
 Here is a sample:
 Dear Me,
 You know, I'm totally pissed with Sen. McCain and the passage of his anti-Constitutional S. 1867 destroying our Bill of Rights in his quest for the fascist empire.  I am devastated, like a bomb was dropped. I'm spitting bullets mad, shooting off at the mouth in anger at the coup now in progress under the Marxist Revolution. The corruption rampant in the District of Criminals must be destroyed.
That includes prosecuting those spies precluding our privacy, like the goons reading this encrypted communique. Uncle Sam must be prosecuted for his crimes. The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with blood, as Thomas Jefferson said. We must dispatch the evil, live free or die trying!
Liberty or Death!
 Of course, there is no encryption here, but it will cost the bastards a bit of time to confirm that. Big Brother wants to listen to us, so let's give him something to busy his paranoid brain. Those "trigger" words will cost some agent time too. If we all send ourselves letters like this by E-mail, repeatedly by the millions, pretty soon the human workload, perhaps even huge computer systems, would be overloaded to the point of being useless. Our "chaff" can blind the beast. Let's start talking to ourselves in ways driving Uncle Sam into a nervous breakdown where he huddles trembling in a fetal position in some dark corner. Maybe we have been too serious facing the grim situation Uncle Sam poses. Let's have some fun with the often overlooked "Crazy" strategy and fill federal ears with lots of noise. You know how they like "chatter"! Will you give it a try?
 Will you do ANYTHING for Truth, Justice, and Liberty?

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Comment by Anonymous
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OK, cool.  

see them now.  Thx.

Comment by Anonymous
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Kim Dyer:  I had just commented where someone called Ron Paul a "nutjob" with:

ONLY NEOCONS WEARING MASKS pull out the "nutjob" card.   Also, I pointed out how JVdeVille - aka "joseph vanderville" and Ufactdirt seem to playing the subscribers here and it is time they get new masks.  I also responded to statements in other posts about "I checked your 'legal background" as being a lawyer... about Joseph Vanderville?  I checked AZ Bar, said so, and that post is missing as well!  Ernie, are you with the Oil/Insurance/Banking cartel wearing a mask YOU PHONY!  Jason Shelton 4409 (Shelton Family oil and gambling, racketeering bootlegging)...  Also with Renee Houlihan's nine aliases, and her PI report shows an addresses as current that is not valid with 5 different locksmith service companies, all phone numbers one digit apart... Hmmmm...  I wonder if this report is accurate...


Comment by Anonymous
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hopefully this doesn't script you to the wrong address...  in my experience, this is happening a lot.


Either 4409 is a good guy, or a really, really bad guy.  You decide.  Just the way he let Renee Houlihan treat me after 3 months of exclusivity, I say not an honorable man, not at all.  Which also tells me that these two have HUGE business operations in secret...  just a guess, as they are almost like politicians, but even better!  They have the federal level of control and global internet on their side.

Comment by Anonymous
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Also Carl Shelton, Illinois, St. Louis, Jewish racketeering, etc.  varigate the searches as my posts are being scripted to weaken my credibility.  I did sign up for an ASU program by two professors who I respect... that I believe are good guys... that are leading me through this abyss of weirdness... and only hope to accomplish good.  xo  Kim

Comment by Anonymous
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Kim Dyer here again!  Wow, Ernie, you are right!  I see how this server "scripting" internet sensorship works today!  HOLY CRAP!  You have to varigate words.. Do not just type in "Shelton Bloody Brotherhood" but combine "racketeering" bootlegging and words like "jewish" and "al capone" and you will find truth.

Comment by Anonymous
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Kim Dyer here:  WAIT TIL GOV READS THIS ONE!   :)  I like this guy's idea....  This is what I do hours every day!  I HAD MY GOOGLE DEACTIVATED FOR A FEW DAYS because of emailing the use of combinations of buzz-words to 4409 and Les White (Greater Phoenix Tea Party) and Senator Scott Bundgaard using the words "Iran Contras" with other buzz words about real estate corruption and drug money laundering in real estate fraud and the Mormon church's private "cointelpro" programs validated by Senator Scott Bundgaard.  A Senator I knew when recruited to make calls to 'organize' an ADOT think tank (fixed) that exposed that roadway cameras were to eventually call for nationalized ID biometric chip implantation... (Shelton-his last name-research the Shelton Bloody Brotherhood for a clue- was NOT INTERESTED IN EXPOSING any of this-in fact only created hurdles with the help of phony allies Les and Renee) as, through this, I learned that Jason Shelton 4409 and Les White, both people I absolutely would no longer "trust" as friends to myself, or to our community, but rather as predator phonies.  They witnessed this, in fact, were afraid of receiving any more mail from me holding them accountable as so-called "truthers"... which is LAUGHABLE.  Les White, in fact works(ed) over time facilitating the bank foreclosures process, getting people to sign further FOR the banks(ter)...  (telling people he solicited to work for him that they were helping people keep their houses while these poor fools spent more money in gas than they made working under Les)... I believe this bafoon even desires to run for office according to a FB page when he admittedly engages in gang-stalking, and I even experienced it with him, including the help of Renee Houlihan, the bible-whipping fake so-called "Christian" Jason Shelton 4409 sidekick- who threatened my livlihood and a disparaging website if I ever contact Shelton again (I had already blocked psycho Les and Renee from my facebook and cell phone when I learned of their fabrications and two-facedness and deliberate agitation directed by Renee- to the point where I had to get a restraining order because of suspicion that they are in on the housing racketeering while feigning being for the people).  Renee Houlihan, mind you, a friend and official 9/11 investigator and former retired police chief and sheriff- that facilitated 25+ arrests of possible insiders (Research his work with Glen Walp under 'implosion at Los Alamos'-STOLEN VIALS OF ADVANCED EXPLOSIVES and $400 MILLION-websites hacked to remove zeros... stolen from this New Mexico laboratory where the Atomic bomb was born~ featured with  Bill O-Reilly) showed me has NINE ALIASES, one is "Myrtle Valdez" age "33", and when I checked out addresses she was using as "current" two of them were numbers in between denoting fake mortgages perhaps?  This is stuff tied to the Bankster Criminal Empire if she is indeed facilitating the fraud that bankrupted America.  (Up to nine per true mortgage I understand?). 

The only people I have ever had problems with are those tied to the Bankster regime (ex-husband business affiliates) racketeering and have family backgrounds in money-laundering and bootlegging (my husband called it "lubricating the alcohol industry 'machinery' family business", Jason Shelton 4409 allegedly included if indeed tied to Shelton brothers bloody brotherhood and racketeering (RICO).  GANG-STALKING THEATER.  Just telling you all this to make you aware of how these groups are used to prey on you.  The people there for the right reasons need to come together and form independent groups not dominated by shills for the Crown/Vatican alliances RICO mafia (1961 laws passed by Kennedy)....  Kennedy knew about this regime being one of the family insiders to the bootlegging RICO regime that the Vatican/Crown-London being world headquarters for banking---PARTICULAR FOR CHURCHES THAT ARE COMMITTING USURY/BANKING FOR PROFIT, MORMONS INCLUDED.  Thank the 14th and 16th Amendments for that.

I have suggested in good faith to Jason Shelton 4409 to recommend to Ernie this investigator, Steve Doran, to speak to the Breakfast Club--- PROOF OF 9/11 BEING AN INSIDE JOB--- GOVERNMENT FUNDED--- HIDDEN BY "THEFT" 400 computers included that matches other 9/11 reports... but Jason Shelton 4409 isn't interested in that.  WONDER WHY!!!!  Has something to hide perhaps?  Where does he come up with all this money to advertise?  Who gets 28K from City Hall with no medical bills who isn't a racketeering "Jewish" racketeer?  (He won't admit if he is... now I understand the secrecy and intimidating comments denoting familiarity with my ex-husband's doings).


Comment by Dave Hodges
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 What a great idea- Everyone reading this needs to copy and paste and send the same message. However, it is important to change a few words so the computer spies cannot be programmed to ignore the totality of the message.

Comment by brandon jones
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my blood line come strait from the four fathers. My family has mead sacrifices for them and our countrymen. As for my patriotism... just look at the flag my family mead for this freedom. I want to thank for your courage, it takes a true american to fight for what is core rights... All I have to say is: " It's freedom or death! I will die for my family and true americans! What about you?...that's my JOHN HANCOCK... if you give up freedom then your dead all ready and a dead man is unpredictable." It's freedom or death. By BRANDON JONES
Comment by Ed Vallejo
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...and make sure you 'translate' it via whatever linguistic translator you use into your favorite brand of 'speech'.  Certain languages are monitored more closely than others. 

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