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The Accountability Through Transparency Video Contest Is Now Live!

Written by Subject: Activism
For the second year in a row, Checkpoint USA has teamed up with several other liberty-minded organizations to sponsor a video contest designed to increase government accountability through transparency. Transparency that can only come about from increased vigilance and the active monitoring of public officials while engaging in their official duties.
Information about last year's contest can be found here and the winning entry can be found here.
In addition to Checkpoint USA, this year's contest sponsors include CopBlock, Free Talk Live and Police The Police: A Community Project.
The winner of this year's contest will receive a new pair of Pivothead wearable video sunglasses:
In order to enter & win, contestants must produce a video that helps to create transparency and accountability in government by documenting a government official, in the course of carrying out his or her duties, exhibiting double standards or the standards we expect him or her to live up to. This could be done while on foot, during a vehicle stop, while submitting an Open Records request, etc. The video should be uploaded to an online video service such as youtube that is accessible to the general public followed by registration of the video entry on CopBlock's website.
Entries will be judged by contest sponsors sometime after the midnight EST deadline on May 23, 2014. The winner will be announced sometime later that week.
For further information about the contest, watch the video above and visit CopBlock's website.
Please spread the word regarding the contest. We look forward to reviewing your entry on May 24th!

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