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GMO – Strike at the Root

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When you want to get rid of a weed problem in your garden, you pull up the roots. If you dont get the roots and just hack at the growth from those roots, the weeds will grow back.

This is the same for labeling GMOs. Labeling does not strike at the root, but addresses the problem after the fact. After the plants have already grown, multiplied, and contaminated everything around them.

Banning is striking at the root. If they are not grown, they will not multiply and contaminate.


We have a right to be GM-Free

The How-to Guide to Ban GMOs in Your City or County

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Comment by Tyger Gilbert
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Why is it that whenever people don't like something, they want to have it BANNED for EVERYONE? This is one of the worst features of government. When one group of people gain control of a government, they inflict their beliefs and values on everyone under the jurisdiction of that government, whether everyone agrees with them or not. LABEL a food product as GMO, and everyone has a choice whether to buy that product or not, depending upon whether they believe genetic modification is beneficial or destructive. BAN it, and no one gets a choice. Even if the premise that current GMO foods are bad for everyone is true, banning the sale of them prohibits the research on them as well, since no farmer or agricultural company will want to develop something they can't sell. Effectively, good GMO foods that are beneficial and don't have the negative side-effects that currently exist would be prevented from ever being created. The concern that GMO crops can contaminate other crops nearby is valid. But placing restrictions on growing GMO crops (or any other crop, for that matter) so cross-pollination and other undesirable effects cannot occur makes much more sense than an outright ban on them entirely. So would requiring GMO labeling to be accurate, complete, and not misleading. Then everyone would know what they are getting and be able to choose for themselves. Limiting choices through the use of a ban is an anti-freedom, pro-tyranny activity, no matter how well-intentioned the ban may be. Educating people on making the best choices for THEMSELVES is a better way to help them without destroying their freedoms.

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