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Pictures from Porcfest 2014...

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Pictures from Porcfest 2014...

Day 6

Sunset at Porcfest:

Pictures from Buzz's Big Gay Dance Party - Teresa Warmke, Darth Vader:

Ruby and Nick:


Tarrin Lupo:

Ian Freeman:

Lilo and Bill Buppert:

Lilo Buppert and Ernest Hancock:

Ruby, Ernie, and Nick:

Merry-go-round with swings:

Gonna be a nice day...

Day 5

Bob Murphy and Stephanie Murphy host the variety show:

Derrick Slopey practicing take-offs and landings with his drone:

Bill Buppert:

Day 3

Tim Frey (Roberts & Roberts) and Ernest Hancock:

Main tent area:

Richard Grove and Lisa Arbercheski (Tragedy & Hope) with Larken Rose and Carl (attending from Vienna, Austria):

Richard Grove, Larken Rose:

The Gang:

Isabelle (FreeRoss.Org) and Lisa Arbercheski (Tragedy & Hope):

Lynn Ulbricht (mother of Ross Ulbricht, silk road) and Tim Frey (Roberts & Roberts):

Derrick J, Ernest Hancock, Buzz:

Even the dogs are having a blast:

doTerra booth (essential oils):

Day 1

Welcome to Rogers' Campground!:


Click here to see pictures from the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock radio show: