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Why The Counter-Economy Is Becoming More Important For You By The Day

Written by Mike Swatek Subject: Counter-Economics

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The global financial elite are unleashing a police state and complete change of the banking and monetary systemThis is now rapidly accelerating as THEY take advantage of the pandemic, the results of which they're making far worse. Their goals have been expressed for years, if you've been paying attention.

Total control through massive surveillance. Increasingly, all of your electronic transactions, communications, movements and smart devices are being monitored. It's not yet complete because of bandwidth limitations. This is the real reason for the 5G roll-out which is accelerating at this moment. THEY really don't care if it maims, sterilizes or kills you. All of that is in-line with their objectives of population reduction and control, plus keeping you poor and dependent because of sickcare costs and needs.

Total control through digital money.

Expect cash to be confiscated soon, as was done recently in India for the most part. THEY are already saying cash is contaminated. It's already no longer accepted for purchases many places. Then people will become almost completely conditioned to electronic payments.

Then, expect all of the payments to be consolidated into a single card for "convenience". That will likely become the only way you can pay bills and receive your handouts needed to survive after THEY have destroyed your job.

Next you'll be forced to use a non-contact chip for more "convenience" which THEY will want to insert under your skin, like a dog identifier, to retain account access.

About the same time you receive your card or chip, the money will likely be renamed. THEY will have destroyed the current fiat money with massive money creation by central banks, which is being given almost entirely to the global financial elite to "save the monetary system".

As people grow more desperate for money to survive, THEY will buy everything they want on the cheap, leaving everyone else with ownership of very little.

Your savings will become inaccessible without your chip.

After stocks have gone completely in the toilet, to "protect" your retirement accounts, THEY will convert them for you into "safe" massively inflated government debt which nobody else will buy. It will be deposited in your MyIRA account, only accessible with your chip. Then THEY will completely own all the large corporations, again, bought on the cheap. Meanwhile, the government debt will continuously devalue as interest rates increase to attract increasingly reluctant buyers.

THEY will monitor all transactions to extract fees and taxes. This will also be another means of tracking your whereabouts.

If you disobey, THEY will restrict your transactions so you can't freely access your funds, travel or get certain things. If you continue to resist, access to your funds and the entire banking system will be terminated.

Total control through business regulations. Businesses will be subjected to increasingly Draconian restrictions which give large corporations a huge advantage. THEY will bankrupt or absorb smaller businesses to eliminate competition. Those who resist will have their chip restricted or disabled.

Total control through disarmament. If you don't give up your guns and ammo, including a search of all your property, your chip will be cut off. Then the police, which THEY own, will attack you to take away your self-defense capability and kill you if you resist. If you manage to evade confiscation and attack, your chip will be flagged and won't be able to travel or buy the necessities of life.

Total control through healthcare. To use your chip and function in society, you'll be required to have an increasing number of vaccines. These will keep you sick and increasingly addled. THEY plan to mete out sickcare only to those who completely obey. The rest can die off and be less of a problem for them. Those who obey will become increasingly impaired, both physically and mentally, further unable to resist, like the under castes in Brave New World.

Total control through containment. As has been clearly stated in UN Agendas 21 and 30, everyone is to be herded into specific areas, like Hunger Games. If you disobey, THEY will cut off your chip and you'll be unable to travel without risk of being kidnapped, or worse. For those living near the border, you're going to learn what the wall was really built for.

Total control through information. All of your sources of information with a website URL or single IP address will be turned off. THEY want you to receive nothing but their non-stop propaganda. The only options will be occasional broadcasts on pirate shortwave radio frequencies, completely decentralized networks with no central leadership to attack or coerce, and, in more densely populated areas, mesh networks.

Total control through utilities. If you resist, THEY will disable your ability to pay for electricity, water, natural gas and telephone. Internet will only remain to receive propaganda. Using any encrypted communications or decentralized networks will carry more severe penalties than loss of access. Those who try to be off-grid with large solar power setups are very visible from above and will be attacked for their attempted evasion.

THEY created the pandemic problem, or at least exacerbated it, with all of the above in mind. Now THEY have the expected panic reaction from the unprepared and uninformed. Next THEY have "solutions" planned which will deliver a grinding tyranny to those who let it happen. They must not be allowed to succeed.

Your own solutions should be your top priority now. You need to be planning for self sustainability, evasion and resistance. Nearly all of the above hinges on them gaining control of your ability to produce, buy and trade. So, your involvement with the counter-economy (aka Agora) must expand as quickly as possible NOW!!

Top priorities to retain your economic freedom:

Reduce the ability to surveil you with the goal of total elimination. Stop using credit cards and banking transactions as much as possible. Disconnect your smart devices from the network. Keep your phone off as much as possible, preferably with the battery out. Shift all your social media to completely decentralized solutions like and don't provide your real name or contact information. Provide your new handle to friends using a hand written message or in-person conversation away from any possible monitoring devices.

Get your funds out of the banking system where they can steal them or use that threat to coerce you into submission.

Invest in things that will retain use, monetary or trade value, even without internet or electricity. Cash will become trash.

Get out of town and find a rural shelter to stay where "law" enforcement will be spread thin and vulnerable. If necessary, double-up with good friends for mutual support.

Assume complete responsibility for the needs of you and yours.

Start a garden, learn to forage and secure reliable sources for water.

Provide your own heating fuel.

Obtain medical and hygiene supplies to provide your own healthcare, plus stay healthy.

Get to know the people in your community.

Start your own business outside the taxation, government certification and banking systems.

Begin establishing a local trade network.

Trade online using crypto. while shipping without banking system payment is still possible. An article with some options for this is HERE.

Other important preparations to consider:

Plan to survive without any utilities or petroleum products. A small solar charger which can be hidden from view straight above may be the only safe source of electricity to power small essentials. A small satellite dish may be similarly concealed. If you have a running stream, hydro power may be a good option. Hooking a bicycle to a generator my be necessary. Acquire some hand crank or solar powered lights.

Cache as much as possible outside your shelter to keep it from being found or destroyed by bandits of all kinds and strengths.

Learn to control your light, heat, noise and smell signatures as much as possible to avoid attention from your surroundings and above.

Plan to be able to defend your shelter against marauders. This cannot be adequately done from inside. At least a couple of good concealed and covered positions are needed outside. Practice with drills to be ready and proficient. Prepare yourself mentally for the possibility that it may be necessary to kill an aggressor, so you won't hesitate or freak out too much when it happens.

Monitor activities in your area and be ready to disappear on a moments notice upon the approach of a large criminal gang, like the military. Everyone will need thermal cloaks to avoid detection of their body heat from above. Don't go back until they've completely cleared the area. They tend to work in a grid and you may be safe for a long time after they've passed through.

Get a ham/shortwave radio receiver with a good antenna and learn the pirate radio frequencies to receive news which isn't propaganda. Note: If you transmit, the signals may be quickly triangulated and precisely located unless at specific frequencies having little nearby reception and transmitted in a narrow beam. Even then, the transmitter needs to be mobile and quickly moved after transmission at least a few miles from your shelter.

Get a wide frequency radio scanner which picks up police, fire, weather and as much else as possible to stay informed about what is happening nearby.

Read the novel patriots by James Wesley-Rawles for a lot of other excellent survival and gorilla resistance information. It contains a lot of excellent information. Try not become overwhelmed. First focus on the basics above.

If you're unfamiliar with some of the things mentioned, do some research and learn about them.


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