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Hazardous to Health and Well-Being Establishment Media

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Hazardous to Health and Well-Being Establishment Media

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The NYT and other establishment media operate as press agent for powerful interests.

They exploit ordinary people for self-enrichment and other benefits.

Pharma is hated for good reason. Western public health agencies and the American Medical Association operate in cahoots with their banditry.

The Center for American Progress accused the industry of "reap(ing) profits while hurting everyday Americans."

Exorbitant prices charged by Pharma far exceed their cost in other countries, including developed ones.

In 2019, Pharma revenue in the US exceeded $500 billion. Branded drugs account for around 80% of the total.

In her book titled "The Big Fix: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Rips off American Consumers," Katherine Grieder explained that "(o)ther countries…control prices and sharply limit advertising."

Not in the anything goes USA where complicit drug companies keep prices exorbitantly high and Pharma controlled public health agencies permit it.  

Industry analyst Tim Anderson earlier explained that "drug companies…looked at each other and said, '(n)one of us needs to compete on price if we just hold the line.' "

Despite US federal law requiring that FDA approved drugs must be "safe and effective," Public Citizen's Health Research Group revealed otherwise in three earlier books titled:

"Pills That Don't Work"

"Over the Counter Pills That Don't Work"

"Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer's Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Death or Illness"

Virtually all drugs have labels that warn of potential side effects that can be hazardous to human health.

Time and again, the FDA approves use of drugs prematurely.

An estimated 100,000 American die annually from the toxic side effects of prescription drugs.

Since seasonal flu was renamed covid early last year, adverse events and deaths have been rising exponentially.

Official totals are kept under wraps, the tip of the iceberg alone reported.

Millions of jabbed-for-covid Americans risk near-and/or longer-term harm to their health and well-being from toxic experimental covid drugs no one should touch.

In cahoots with Pharma, US and other Western public health agencies promote what's harmful to health if taken as directed.

So do establishment media daily, pushing what doesn't protect and risks serious harm.

On Sunday, the NYT continued its mass deception campaign.

A fake news report claimed "a rise in more contagious forms of the coronavirus (sic)."

New strains of flu-renamed covid show up annually, some perhaps more contagious than others.

There's nothing new about what's going on. The same thing happens annually — last year and this one no different from what happens every year routinely.

The Times continued to turn truth on its head by falsely claiming that "(v)accines will stop the spread (sic)."

Covid mRNA drugs and vaccines risk increased numbers of outbreaks, not the other around as the Times falsely claimed.

Everything mandated and recommended by Western governments and their public health agencies are harmful, not beneficial.

Lockdowns, quarantines, mass-jabbing with toxic drugs, face masks that don't protect, PCR tests that don't work, and destructive to normal human interactions social distancing should be halted straightaway.

None of the above should have been mandated in the first place.

If required in the US and other Western countries — what's likely coming — vaccine passports will create two-tiered societies.

Free and open ones no longer will exist.

Free unobstructed public access will require self-inflicting harm from toxic covid jabs.

Refusniks wanting their health and  well-being protected will be considered untouchables.

On Sunday morning, I got a near- taste of untouchable life.

In my residence, I needed maintenance to repair a bathroom fixture.

I got it even though the maintenance man I know hesitated entering my apartment because I'm unmasked at home.

He likely feared possible covid infection even though I assured him of no risk to come in.

He did on condition I stood well away from him inside — this from a a guy I've known for years and until covid arrived, exchanged friendly greetings when seeing him in the building's common areas. 

I wanted my problem fixed so obliged him with no lecture about his false concerns.

Most Americans and others in the West are brainwashed by public/media supported mass deception.

The Times and other major media feature Big Lies and fake news daily about what's going on — pushing ordinary people to self-inflict harm by going along with toxic jabs.

The more taken, the greater the harm to health.

That's what US and other Western dark forces plan in cahoot with Pharma and their media press agents.

One toxic jab isn't good enough. Multiple jabs and booster jabs annually or semi-annually are being pushed.

We've been lied to and mass deceived since early last year.

The best way to stay safe is by following a healthy lifestyle and ignoring harmful to health propaganda by Western dark forces, their public health handmaidens, Pharma and their media press agents.

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