Article Image cites Fed vax mandate as latest grounds for proposed Independence Amendment
IPFS cites Fed vax mandate as latest grounds for proposed Independence Amendment

Written by David Ridley Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

For immediate release, 9/13/2021

Fellow New Hampshirites:

As you may be aware, several tiny organizations have teamed up and requested an amendment for the New Hampshire Constitution. State Reps Mike Sylvia and Matthew Santonastaso have (in response) indicated their intent to sponsor such an amendment, which would have to go before the people in order to become part of that document, so much better than D.C'.s constitution when it comes to your liberties.

This movement appeared partly because of historical and recent grievances, such as DC's massive March raids on NH Bitcoin businesses. But it also happened in Seldonesque anticipation that there would soon be some great new overstep by Washington…one which would begin uniting the people of this state against Federal rule over them. The central government's vaccine mandate against local employers may or may not be this overstep, but it is wildly questionable and likely to be followed by many more abuses as Fed rule becomes more authoritarian.

There is, again, an Asimov's-Foundation-style pattern to imperial collapses…and the Feds appear to be on track in creating their own Soviet-style-breakup of the 50 states. Speaking officially as the owner of but on behalf of no other organization, it is appropriate to raise concerns over the Fed vaccine mandate. This restriction will most likely deepen or prolong shortages imposed on New Hampshire. Workers, already too few and paid by Washington to stay at home, may become even more scarce as yet another unconstitutional hurdle appears against their employment.

The many upbeat and resolute demonstrators who are taking to streets against this Fed edict…are a welcome reminder that America is still a place with folks who don't automatically do what any empire tells them. But America is not Washington, and DC is not America's friend. Despite many well-intentioned Federal workers and politicians, Washington with its million-page list of such mandates and laws…has become the root of America's problems. And we cannot stop this Central Point of Failure by individually hacking each thorn that grows from it. We must peaceably strike at the core of the problem with independence legislation of some sort, the root-striking Hail Mary pass that does not even have to be caught. Simply by easing such measures forward, we can spark real scrutiny of New Hampshire's ties to the torture state that DC-dominated America has become under Trump, Biden and their hungry predecessors. We can trigger public discussion, begin to understand the challenges of independence in detail and (ideally) have a nonviolent deterrent effect on the central government sufficient in scope to help reverse its constant, ruinous expansion.

Dave Ridley

Winchester, NH