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November 1 Apartheid Israeli Elections

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Much like reality throughout the West, democracy in Israel pure fantasy, the real thing banned.

The scourge of apartheid is official policy, enforced by Israeli regimes since the Jewish state was established on stolen Palestinian land.

Yet according to the Rome Statute of the International Court, apartheid is a crime against humanity, a major breach of international law, its Article 7 stating:

"The 'crime of apartheid' means inhumane acts…committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime."

Enforced ruthlessly by Israeli regimes — with US/Western support and encouragement — apartheid is slow-motion genocide.

It's to eliminate the presence of Palestinians on land Israel wants exclusively for Jews.

It's a scourge in flagrant breach of core international law.

Yet many world community nations either turn a blind eye to or support what demands condemnation.

Under Israeli apartheid, Jews alone have rights, Palestinians denied them for praying to the wrong God, for living on land belonging to them and their ancestors — what Israel wants for exclusive Jewish development and use, pursuing it with brute force.

Once again on November 1, 120 Knesset seats are up for grabs in Israeli's legislative elections, a 61-seat majority required to control the body.

At the expense of the ruling Lapid/Bennett-led coalition, Netanyahu's Likud seeks to regain power.

Yet on November 21, 2019, he was indicted on charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust.

Proceedings against him still ongoing, dragging them out interminably left him off the hook so far for what ordinary Israelis and others in the West would have been convicted, sentenced and imprisoned in a matter of weeks, a few months at most.

Yet he's free with a chance to once again become Israeli PM.

According the most recent pre-election polls late last week:

The Likud-led coalition may fall one seat short of a 61-seat Knesset majority, the ruling coalition 5 seats below what's needed to retain power.

For the vast majority of Israelis, it doesn't matter either way — surely not for unwanted, exploited, persecuted and otherwise ill-served Arab citizens.

Commenting on Israeli fantasy democracy, B'Tselem said the following:

Israel's November 1 legislative election is falsely "touted…as a 'celebration of democracy."

A fantasy one alone exists, what's indisputable reality throughout Jewish state history.

Jews throughout Israel, including ones in occupied Palestinian territory, can vote, run for office and serve as ministers, B'Tselem explained.

Illegally occupied Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are denied the above rights.

Israel exercises total control over their "land, sea and air space," their movements and daily lives — Gazans virtually incarcerated in the world's largest open-air prison.

The so-called Palestinian Authority operates as Israel's enforcer, serving its master for special privileges afforded its officials.

Around "1.7 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship status can, like Jewish citizens, take part in the general elections," B'Tselem explained, adding:

"They can vote for their candidates, start their own parties or join existing ones."

"However, their political participation has been cast as illegitimate since the very inception of the state, along with attempts to restrict or deny them true political representation."

Their political participation is closely monitored, controlled and curtailed.

Their right to vote and run for office is "drained of any meaning."

They have no control over everything affecting their lives, rights and well-being.

"The message to Palestinians and their candidates is clear," B'Tselem stressed.

"Do not seek full equality and recognition of collective national rights."

"Demanding equality on matters such as land, immigration and national emblems is perceived as repudiating Israel's…definition of a Jewish state."

"Roughly 15 million people, about half of them Jews, the other half Palestinians, live between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, under (Jewish) rule."

"The perception that there are two separate regimes in this territory – a democracy on one side of the Green Line, within Israel's sovereign borders, and a temporary military occupation on the other – is divorced from reality."

What's gone on since establishment of the Jewish state in May 1948 is fantasy democracy — the real thing banned from inception.

A Final Comment

If both coalition blocs win 60 seats on Nov. 1, another election will take place in March or May 2023 — the Lapid/Bennett regime to stay in power in a caretaker capacity.

Whatever the outcome on Nov. 1 and in future elections, Palestinians will remain terrorized and otherwise mistreated as untermenschen — an unwanted people, their rights under international law denied.