Formation of Unparalleled Israeli Dystopian Rule

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Formation of Unparalleled Israeli Dystopian Rule 

by Stephen Lendman

"I've done it," PM-elect Netanyahu roared on Wednesday in announcing formation of the most extremist apartheid regime by far in Israeli history — minutes before a midnight deadline.

Comprised of his Likud party, ultra-Orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism, along with far-right Religious Zionism, Otzma Yehudit and Noam factions, outgoing PM Yair Lapid responded to his announced coalition, saying:

He, "Ben-Gvir and (Bezalel) Smotrich formed the most extreme government in Israel's history."

He has until January 2 to finalize things by getting his coalition partners to formally sign the agreement.

Though subject to change before then, what's known so far includes the following:

Coalition partners are expected to end a ban on Knesset members involved in inciting racism against long-suffering Palestinians.

A provision in Israel's Basic Law that disqualifies individuals involved in inciting racism will be removed.

Aimed at Palestinian freedom fighters, legislation will be adopted to impose capital punishment on individuals charged with terrorism — even if untrue.

While Israeli law permits capital punishment, it was only imposed on Nazi war criminal, Adolph Eichmann, no others throughout Israeli history.

At the same time, targeted assassinations have been longstanding Israel policy to eliminate designated enemies internally and abroad.

The agreement cites "the intensification of terror attacks aimed at harming Israel as a Jewish state, and need to notch a decisive victory against the attackers."

Yet terrorism as defined by Israeli regimes includes rock-throwing by Palestinians in self-defense.

It excludes cold-blooded murder by soldiers or extremist settlers against Palestinians.

On all things related to them, anything goes with impunity is longstanding Israeli policy — now more than ever ahead.

On Thursday, Israel's Channel 12 reported that Netanyahu's Likud and Religious Zionism agreed to pursue illegal annexation of the West Bank in vaguely worded language with wiggle-room, the term annexation not mentioned in the coalition agreement.

Its provisions include the notion that Jews "have a natural right over the land of Israel" — implying inclusion of the West Bank, stating the following:

"In light of our belief in the aforementioned right, the prime minister will lead the formulation and advancement of policies within the framework of applying sovereignty in Judea and Samaria" — territory encompassing the entire West Bank.

And the agreement includes funding to construct new ultra-orthodox schools, greater funding for them, and a Basic Law change, stating:

"Torah study is a fundamental principle in the heritage of the Jewish people."

And a provision on so-called reforming of the judicial system states:

"All factions of the coalition will support all bills, including Basic Laws and amendments to Basic Laws, as proposed by the Justice Minister."

A so-called "override clause" lets Knesset members revoke judicial rulings at their discretion, even by Israel's Supreme Court.

In other words, the rule of law henceforth will be what the most extremist regime in Jewish state history declares it to be — no matter how flagrantly in violation of the UN Charter and other international law.

And a new Shin Bet security agency division will be established to more greatly persecute Palestinians than already — for alleged disloyalty to the state, a breach of their civil right to resist what no one should tolerate.

With Arab-hating, right-wing extremist Ben Gvir heading the coalition's national security ministry — including control over police — a policy of anything goes against Palestinian more than already is virtually certain.

When finalized in the coming days, Israel's new coalition regime will represent a great leap forward forward for the scourge of apartheid tyranny over the rule of law.

Commenting on what's coming, Haaretz editors said the following:

Netanyahu transformed himself into "a cynical, irresponsible politician who is knowingly leading the economy to destruction simply because this guarantees his political survival."

He's "fully aware of the dangerous results of the coalition agreements he will soon be signing with" his extremist, rule of law-hating partners.

"With eyes wide open, he is abandoning Israel's future to form his sixth (regime) and extricate himself from his criminal trial."

"Yet none of this hinders him from portraying himself as a leader driven by a vision rather than a lust for power."

There's no ambiguity that Zionist tyranny was the big winner in Israeli November elections.

When agreement is formally reached between Netanyahu and his coalition partners, the new regime will recklessly go where none of its predecessors ever dared go before.

A Final Comment

According to journalist Rob McBride:

"No one is expecting the (new coalition) to follow any paths towards peace."

Political analyst Yossi Alpher warned of an "imminent disaster" if Netanyahu is unable or unwilling to rein in his extremist partners, adding:

"We've never been in such a situation" before.

And this reality check from Association for Civil Rights in Israel attorney, Debbie Gild-Hayo, explaining:

Palestinians will be at greater risk of persecution and death.

Coalition extremists "could harm the principle of equality in a country where Arabs are perceived as an internal enemy," 

Israeli "minorities, liberals and (regime) opponents will be threatened."

And this from CEO of T'ruah, the rabbinic call for human rights, Rabbi Jill Jacobs saying the following:

"This is not business as usual." 

"Israel's new government is a stark display of rising facism and racism." 

"Netanyahu's coalition (regime) gives power to violent, right-wing extremists who seek to incite political violence and who will put lives at risk." 

"From the top down, Netanyahu and his new coalition endanger both Israelis and Palestinians." 

"Netanyahu aligned himself with anti-democratic right-wing leaders in the US, facilitated the ongoing de facto annexation of the West Bank, and is currently under investigation for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust." 

"Members of this new (regime) openly call for the deportation of Palestinian citizens of Israel."

They "promote bigotry against LGBTQ people, and call for violence against Palestinians and Israeli leftists."

"The stated intention by some members of the coalition to wage an all-out attack on human rights and civil society organizations creates an even greater threat."  

"As Jewish leaders, we have a moral obligation to unite in the face of extremism and speak out against those who use our shared faith to justify harmful actions and policies." 

"T'ruah will continue to denounce any politician or policy that puts human dignity and the teachings of our faith at risk."

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