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Truth v. State-Sponsored Fiction on Ukraine

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Truth v. State-Sponsored Fiction on Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

Russian forces are decisively smashing the Nazi-infested regime.

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, James Stavridis, is militarily delusional and incompetent.

Falsely claiming that US/NATO tanks to Ukraine "will play a key role in supporting" the regime is belied by indisputable reality otherwise.

The same goes for falsely saying that they'll "create real problems for" Russia (sic).

Revealing his incompetence, he defied reality by falsely claiming that they'll "punch through the Russian line (and) break (its) logistics chain (sic)."

Yet ignoring what'll achieve nothing strategic against vastly superior Russian firepower and tactics, Stavridis defied reality by falsely claiming that tanks to Ukrainian Nazis are "very important military step for the alliance (sic)."

With generals and admirals like Stavridis, the empire of lies is unable to win wars it wages against invented enemies.

In the early 1960s, a retired US army major was a neighbor I chatted with occasionally.

He once told me that generals relied on his advice for competent analysis they lacked on their own.

Stavridis and others like him are cut from that mold.

Russia is militarily superior to US/NATO, and it shows in how effectively its forces are slaying the Ukraine monster they created.

Last week, Russian General, Sergey Mayev, said the following about German-made Leopard 2A6 tanks:

Calling them the best in Europe, he explained their "greatest weakness" — the "poor protection of the sides and upper hemisphere," adding:

When operational in Ukraine by spring at the earliest, Mayev believes that they'll be used in small strike groups.

He called for destroying them "as far away from the frontline as possible, as soon as they cross Ukraine's border."

"If these tanks approach the line of engagement and are as close as 3-5 kilometers away from the frontline, they should become the number one targets that Russian firepower pursues, using weapons like anti-tank missiles fired from tank guns."

He recommended striking them with loitering munitions from above.

At 60 tons, their weight is another drawback.

And this reality check, saying:

"Not a single armored vehicle, be it the Leopard, Abrams, or any other Western tank, will be able to withstand simultaneous high-accuracy strikes by artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, anti-tank missile systems, front-line, army and long-range aviation — in other words, a combined fire impact" by Russian forces.

Separately according to an array of unindicted war criminals infesting the so-called Institute for the Study of War, ones on the payroll of US merchants of death and human misery with a monetary incentive to promote forever war-making:

"(T)anks will enable Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) to conduct mechanized warfare to defeat the Russian military and liberate Ukrainian territory (sic)."

With its military already near collapse, US/NATO tanks to Ukraine will achieve nothing strategic.

According to former US marine, geopolitical researcher, Brian Berletic:

The notion that US/NATO tanks to Ukraine "will be a 'game changer' is rooted in the myth of Western main battle tanks being 'superior' to their Russian counterparts" when reality is otherwise.

They'll be greatly outnumbered and out gunned by Russian tanks.

Around six months of training is required to operate Western tanks.

If it's rushed, crews will be ineffective.

According to retired US Army General Mark Hertling, proper maintenance and lots of it is required for Western tanks to remain operational.

The main problem for the US/West and Ukrainian Nazis is Russia's ability to target and destroy USWestern tanks on the battlefield by ground and aerial attacks.

Russia already eliminated most US/Western weapons, munitions and military equipment sent to the regime, along with greatly depleting its manpower.

Large tanks are easy to spot, target and destroy by Russian weapons designed for this purpose.

Unable to turn virtual defeat into triumph by US/NATO regimes and Ukrainian Nazis, the Babylon Bee mocked the futility of tanks to the regime by reporting on the future today, saying the following:

"Mere hours after deploying 31 brand new US M1 Abrams tanks, sources are now reporting all 31 of them have been destroyed by the Russians."

"Experts are attributing this to the fact that each of the 31 tanks featured rainbow camouflage that was easily visible to" Russian forces.

"According to sources, it was a beautiful moment in Ukraine as the people cheered on the newly deployed Abrams tanks as they made their way down the streets of Kiev."

"(T)his touching moment was cut short as the tanks rounded the street corner and were effortlessly, and easily targeted by Russian tanks in seconds," destroying them.

The above look into the future will be reality once US/Western tanks arrive in Ukraine.

What's spent to produce, transport and maintain them be more wasted resources at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging throughout the US/West.