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Some internet privacy tips here...

Written by Subject: Privacy Rights

ome internet privacy tips here (does get techie at the end but fairly important for privacy oriented individuals):  There is a version for nearly all major OS' including android.  This removes tracking software from Chrome.  Tor+VPN+Ungoogled Chrome (or minimally an open source browser where you can check the code) is fairly obscure.  At this point, any company with closed source proclaiming to be private - I don't trust and open source gives you the opportunity to compile your own programs and inspecting source.  Having a decent setup to build your own software and even your own kernels for linux is good to have - you can increase memory, privacy, speed, etc...

A general search which is good for finding any ips or domains can be found here:  This is a fairly decent recursive grep (linux text search command) search with the capability to use regex (pattern matching language):  This way you can iterate through dirs/subdirs and find if there are any hard coded ips/domains.  The next level search would be to collate any/all network calls and fine pick through any potential data sharing functions.  It's a lot of work but likely you would find discussion on open source platforms covering this if any was found.