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A short review of CIVIL WAR...

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This review is from a long-time friend of the Hancock's/Freedom's Phoenix...


by Chip Saunders

So I just got back from seeing this on IMAX.    

Bring your hearing protection.

The sound guys did a good job of making it VERY LOUD!!

So I saw where the director claimed he tried to not portray either of the sides in the movie as being either of the sides currently opposed to each other in our country today. But he utterly failed,...and so seemingly on purpose, I can't help but say he is full of schit and the portrayal was intentional. The portrayal of some Boogaloo Boys waxing a bunch of federal troops can't possibly be accidental. But, least from my perspective,...and quite unexpectedly from what I thought I was going to see in this movie,...the Boogaloo Boys are on not only on the winning side, but the appropriate side as well. And despite the wishful dreaming of the liberals, that plainly puts down the depicted despotic fraudulent President in D.C. as liberal and in no way any kind of portrayal as a Trump-like figure. And appropriately, rather than taking him alive, the pretender gets the Nicolae Ceau?escu treatment, as all tyrants should.

Yes, there were some lame attempts to try to throw a bone or two to the liberals to let them think the dirty pretender President is conservative of some sort. They do this by making the scene most of you have seen in the previews where Fat Damon asks "what kind of American are you?" I don't want to ruin the movie for you, so I won't describe what goes down there,...but it was obviously meant to depict the soldier as a racist anti-imigrant guy,...which by extention is supposed to imply the President is too,...which then implies to the liberals in the audience that this is a Trump-like President. But like I say,...the Boogaloo Boys,...there's just no way in Hell they could ever be aligned with the progressive/commie/libtard dipsticks, there you go.

If you want to look to see if there are any people not keeping their boogerhook off the bang switch,...yes,'re gonna see that. Not every actor in every scene went to proper gun-handling school. And yes,...the veterans will spot a lot of stupid tactics and engagements depicted. I'm guessing that can be chalked up to artistic license, because the movie has to portray things in a way that is easy for the great unwashed to be able to follow and understand. And the vast majority of folks watching this won't know anything about skylining yourself, or trigger discipline or cover vs. concealment. But heck,...we've put up with worse from Hollywood. A lot worse.

I genuinely believe the thrust of this movie was NOT to try and pick a current political side. In fact, I kinda think the Brit who directed this probably only included the Boogaloo Boys in it because they are so iconic in the news media in the last 6 years. I mean,...if you're gonna portray some rebellious faction of skilled vets taking on the feds, do you NOT choose the guys in Hawaiian shirts and battle gear? The optics are just too cool. I do truly believe the director was trying shock the American audience into remembering/realizing what an awful thing a civil war is and that it would not be something fun or cool. And therefor, despite expecting I would dislike the movie,...I'm actually ok with it. I think it is not a bad flick and will hopefully spur some necessary discussions. Could the movie have been done better? Yes, absolutely. But did it suck? No,...I do not feel cheated out of my money nor politically preached to.