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Health to the Body Politick Lecture 3

America’s Civil Religion Health to the Body Politick Lecture 3 [Steven Alvis' lectures are OFF the Chart ED]
Acknowledgments of God’s Hand in American History: Columbus’s Book of Prophecies
Pilgrims’ Plymouth Colony
A City upon a Hill
Bread upon the Waters
800+ Puritans Slaughtered
The Angel of Hadley
“Bulkley Is There, the Man of the Big Pray!”
The Great Spirit Protects Washington
William Livingston’s Prophecy
The Bloodless Capture of Fort Ticonderoga
The Overnight Fort
The Long Island Escape
Victories at Trenton & Princeton
“Battle of the Clouds”
Nathaniel Greene’s Flash Flood Escapes
Battles at Cowpens & Yorktown
The Constitutional Convention: “The Event Is in the Hands of God”
He Did Not Die in Battle
The Civil War: “God Wills this Contest”
The Miracle at Midway
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Saturday  1/22/2011, 2:00-5:00 PM
1920 W. Peoria Ave. Phoenix, Arizona
Donation per Lecture: $10.00; Students $2.50
No one turned away.