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How Deadbeat Uncle Sam Can Pay!

Written by David McElroy Subject: Activism
By David A. McElroy
Feb.7, 2011


We constantly hear how the US federal government, state and local governments too, are bankrupted and in debt for gazillions of dollars that permanently enslave us to bankers in their fractional reserve fraud headed up by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. A panic is building, and as I tell people often, if you don’t invest in brass and lead, you may not be able to keep gold and silver. Uncle Sam is a deadbeat robber baron who must be made to pay from the vast assets he has stolen and hidden from us!

If you managed your financial affairs like Uncle Sam, you’d either be in a prison cell or gunned down as a home invader. But soulless Uncle Sam has many armies of gun-toting agents to extract his pound of flesh from any and all he seeks revenue from. He uses very deceitful accounting practices to hide astoundingly huge assets while claiming he is very broke. Many say government is unable to pay for the “entitlement” programs of Social Security and Medicare long operated as a fraudulent ponzi scheme promising to provide retirement care for the working people forced to pay into those programs nearly fifty years before collecting benefits. Deadbeat Uncle Sam CAN PAY but prefers to let our elderly and handicapped wither on the vine with no options but an early grave. He has looted their retirement funds. Culling “useless eaters” in preference for able-bodied wage slaves is integral with the plan to pursue a corporatist imperial tyranny.

Why do I say Uncle Sam can pay the people when “common knowledge” says the US government and most states are bankrupt? See , an extensive work posted by Walter Burien, a former Wall Street commodities trader. Burien, for years, has outlined what government does not wish to tell you about our public finances. Politicos loudly announce the income and expenditure of tax revenues to tell us government is broke. Burien reveals every district, municipal, county, state, & federal governmental body must, by law, produce a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report that must account for all assets, including real estate, non-tax revenues & expenditures as well as their tax revenues and expenditures. By hiding their CAFR, we are blindsided about vast public assets hidden away so that even most government employees know nothing of them.

Burien exposes how government collects about twice as much non-tax revenue as tax income, but does not reveal these funds to the public. Much of the hidden largesse was gained and maintained by investing the pension funds, bonds, user fees, refund holding account interest, etc. over decades, skimming the profits quietly to invest them in shares of corporations and using accounts not mentioned in any official program. The official programs are always presented as a “zero sum” outcome, while actual profits are salted away in hidden accounts. Look closely at your local “Rainy Day Fund”. “Slush funds”?

Government is now proven to be the major shareholder in many corporations, like Exxon. These very strong positions gave government control of many big corporations via board members representing public fund investments. This came about long before the 2008 crash and Obama’s bold seizure of those corporations remaining outside federal control, like General Motors. It explains why taxpayers are supposed to “bail out” certain big corporations, explains corporate deregulation by government and why it seems certain big corporations get “favored” treatment. It explains why Republican Chrysler dealers were ordered out of business while Democrat dealers were continuing to sell cars, why Lehman Bro.s was sacked and Goldman Sachs everybody. The Pentagon can’t account for billions of tax dollars, and it was their accounting office struck on 911. Recall American Airlines stocks were dumped before 911? Or all the documents and gold bullion that disappeared in the wreckage of the World trade Center? This is fascism at work, corporatist tyranny!

Many among the working classes decry the “welfare bums” and “entitlement programs” like Social Security and Medicare, groaning about tax burdens and the injustice of being expected to pay for others’ needs. They fail to remember that those elders are “entitled” by virtue of paying into the funds over decades for programs sold to them as insurance for their senior years. People are “entitled” to receive what they paid for! The fact that they were defrauded by larcenous Uncle Sam’s ponzi scheme should not leave them with no recourse. Working taxpayers should realize an even worse fate awaits them in their elder years. Uncle Sam has plans for your money, why waste it on elderly “useless eaters”?

Uncle Sam is eying 401 K and IRA funds, even your gold in bank safe deposit boxes, as FDR did in 1933. See Not-So-Safe-Deposit Boxes; States Seize Citizens’ Property posted at by Elizabeth Leamy. The taxpayers should be more alarmed by “Corporate Welfare”, which dwarfs total expenditures for humanitarian welfare. Maybe Robin Hood was onto something! See Homeland Security to Confiscate Bank Box Contents at ! Check it out!

Nobody should have to pay into ponzi schemes promising care in their retirement years. Of course, Uncle Sam is proposing the “work ‘til you drop” program, where benefits won’t kick in until you are 70 years old, when actuarial tables show most folks are near death at that age. And most employers don’t want older people whose healthcare needs might make their costs higher. Obamacare’s “rationed” healthcare will expedite the elderly folks’ increased mortality to reduce Uncle Sam’s debts with grave consequences. Dead folks don’t collect, and urns are cheap. Great retirement plan!

Uncle Sam has always insisted on strong legal action against “deadbeat dads”, “deadbeat taxpayers” and other creditors. Why should Uncle Sam not be subjected to a similar plan to give recourse to the millions of people he defrauded and robbed? Federal funds and assets exist for the taking, that should be returned to “We the People” who are America! This is a just redistribution, not bail-outs for billionaire bankers! And as for the banksters, we should simply repudiate the national debt to the foreign controlled Federal Reserve Bank and terminate its charter when it comes up for renewal in 2012! We must return to the Common Law as Blackstone outlined it, based upon the Ten Commandments, holding all equally protected and liable under the law. Oligarchs and tyrants must be taken down!

government funds at all levels can be done by any one accounting firm, as corporates large enough to even attempt it are likely beholden to federal reins and the CEO will have a bit in his mouth. We can never expect the federal General Accounting Office or the Federal Reserve Bank to come clean I’m not certain the gargantuan task of accounting for all for us. But we, scattered over the land, can take many of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports in hand and expose available funds to demand seizure of such funds and assets to repay public debts to we the people who have long labored and financed their felonious fiefdoms! Demand recourse and recompense!

Government assets such as corporate stocks and bonds, various lands and real goods are available to seize for we creditors. Often, taxpayer purchased durable goods like trucks, tractors, planes, boats and ships, tools, etc. are sold to foreign countries. Military and federal surplus goods are only made available in huge lots beyond the means of typical citizens who could most benefit from them. Most public lands are actually set aside for corporate interests, and the public is not welcome as people used to be with wood cutting, prospecting, grazing and homesteading opportunities. Hiking and camping is now an offense in many public lands, hunting and fishing curtailed. Surplus goods are sold for pennies on the dollar, often new, but never benefit the average taxpayer. Often, such “surplus”, even fighter planes, go to puppet rulers in the conquest of foreign resources.

Just look at Rockefeller agent Zbigniew Zbrzezinski’s Grand Chessboard view of world affairs and foreign policy. We the people are never intended to find peace and prosperity or enjoy the fruits of our labors in health and harmony. Terrorists are afoot, and the scary skull and bones flies from the mast of Uncle Sam’s ship of state!

Many government assets can be seized to repay public debts without destroying essential services to the people, services like police, fire, ambulance, water and sewer services, schools, libraries, public parks, roads and such. Of course, government threatens it must cut these needed daily services when it seeks ever more tax dollars. The politicians and bureaucrats remain silent about many huge reserves stashed in unpublicized accounts seen only in their CAFR (?), while bleeding us dry and funding pork and perks.

Don’t you find it odd government always has funds for favored pork barrel projects and costly wars, yet crying poverty demands essential services to we the people must be cut? As Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” It has taken over everything, and the fascist wedding of big government and big business engendered a corporatist brood of unsatiable lawless predators who only know to deceive, defraud, intimidate, rob, ruin, and kill. Government is just organized crime at its finest, with diplomatic immunity and kangaroo courts shielding white collar gangsters. Unsatiable, they never know when enough is enough. Their plan is global tyranny with micromanagement of every life on Earth, as Saint John wrote in the biblical Revelation. Technology exists now to track every human in real time, and the “cashless society” is openly discussed by many heads of state and big bankers while our dollar plummets to worthlessness. The Mark of the Beast looms large on our financial horizon.

Why did the 2010 US Census record the GPS coordinates for every structure, all homes in America? Why do they want a satellite fix on your house? Have you looked into RFID technology, and the Obamacare requirement that you accept a microchip under your skin for “convenient” medical record storage including electronic access to your bank account for automatic payment? Isn’t the camel’s nose way too far into the tent and up where the sun don’t shine? How much farther will it go? Do you really want to find out?

We need to investigate these CAFR accounts in every community big and small, and publicize hidden public funds and assets. In my community, I found local improvements voters had approved bonds to finance were also paid for by Obama’s stimulus package. Double billing? What might you find? We need large peaceful public demonstrations outside courthouses, city halls, broadcasting stations and newspaper offices.

Independent Grand Juries or Public Tribunals need to be called, but don’t expect the established “Just-Us” system to be impartial or just. Go public first, in the town square. A few months a retired member of the New Mexico Judicial Ethics Commission told a public meeting that the judicial system is corrupt and cannot be counted upon to ever prosecute political corruptions. What was the right of citizen’s arrest and the Second Amendment for? Why do judges and attorneys disqualify jurors who have read about their rights outlined by the Fully Informed Jury Association? It is time to stand up!

Government has hidden away huge assets that could be used to restore fiscal sanity to America and cover the current group of entitlement clients who paid for services. The national debt could be resolved quickly if we were to employ whistleblower Burien’s information. Much of the national debt should simply be repudiated! Burien has paid dearly for serving America by alerting us to the “two books” accounting of double-talking corporatists! See soon.

The New World Order is a corporatist global plan to reduce all of us “little people” to impoverished serfdom, at least those of us they decide to let live as RFID tracked wage slaves! Beware the banksters and the “Captains of Industry”, robber barons all! They have moved by stealth and bribery to overturn our government. They have repudiated all the principles outlined in our Declaration of Independence, trampled our Bill of Rights!

Walmart and Monsanto are perfect and obvious examples of the transnational corporatist plan to weave the world’s commerce into one huge empire. These huge empires have no loyalties to any nation or moral standard. They only know the pursuit of profits, and the conquest of markets at both ends. Small businesses wither in their presence. Wall Street made it clear bail-outs will not benefit Main Street.

Did you know that the United States imposed a law upon Iraqi farmers that they must destroy all their usual seed stocks and purchase sterile hybrids from Monsanto? By law, Monsanto cannot be sued for its’ products cross-pollinating another farmer’s crop, but Monsanto sends out “investigators” to detect their DNA in other fields to sue the farmers whose fields were genetically polluted by Monsanto products. Often, small farmers are bankrupted by lawsuits and Monsanto takes their land for the corporate empire. Small family farms are under siege by regulators and lawyers. Mussolini declared, “Corporatism is fascism,” and his allies the Japanese are noted for saying “Business is war.”

Some, like Devvy Kid, call Walmart Chinamart, but then Chinese products are almost everywhere. We are being taken by means of commerce. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton recently signed an agreement with Red China that gives land for 257 “Free Trade Zones” scattered through the 50 united states to build whole cities that will be deemed as the sovereign territories of the Peoples Republic of China, under communist jurisdiction.

The Idaho Eagle Forum posted an alarm that was likely censored. Do check . Supposedly, this agreement is a recompense for the Chinese banks which hold huge bundles of US mortgages which were given as collateral for loans to the US federal government. Foreclosure?

Will these many cities be our “Trojan Horse”, a Chinese vanguard for the conquest of America that the communists outlines as far back as the 1930’s? Will military forces be stationed in these cities? Lao Tzu, who shaped Chinese military philosophy long ago, advocated war by stealth and commerce, noting the battle is best won without firing a shot. President Clinton and Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, both lauded China as the model society for the New World Order. Do you speak Mandarin?

We’ve been robbed of everything but our lives, and in the history of socialist conquests, dictators have always killed tens of millions deemed “useless eaters”, rebels, dissidents. Public servants have become masters in a deceitful public system abusive and ruinous for humanity. We must set our house in order or let pirates continue to command the ship of state. Perhaps we should all walk like an Egyptian!