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Fruit Tree Class at Bakers Nursery & Hands On Chicken Class at the Urban Farm

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This weekend I will be offering two awesome hands on events - a fruit tree workshop at Baker Nursery and a chicken workshop right here at the Urban Farm.  If you have been pondering either fruit trees or chickens both of these workshops will assist you in moving forward in the process.  These classes are designed to give you the clarity to begin.


•  Fruit Tree Class at Bakers Nursery

This Saturday 9:30am - 11:30

3414 North 40th Street, Phoenix, 85018

Donation Requested $15


•  Hands On Chicken Class at the Urban Farm

This Sunday 2pm

6750 N 13th Place, Phoenix, 85014

Donation Requested $15


•  There is also room in the Phoenix Permaculture Guild's - Permaculture Design Course (PDC).  If you have ever pondered the possibility of doing the PDC now is the time to.  Toby Hemenway the author of the number one selling permaculture book Gaia's Garden will be the lead instructor and it is sure to be a powerful life changing experience.  After my first PDC in 1991 I experienced seeing the world in a significantly different way.  My process of moving through the world changed when I was able to see the flows of energy (ie. water, power, sun) and how they impacted my daily life.  Much of who and how I am now can be traced back to that fateful day when the PDC flyer arrived in my mailbox.  Jump in the course WILL change your life.


For more information visit


Hope to see you at one of my great events.  Near future classes include composting, building an instant garden and a tour of an incredible garden in tempe.


The Urban Farm Guy

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I'm uncomfortable with any reference to Gaia since I am a Christian.  That is also why I don't celebrate Earth Day.  Are your gardening practices related to Gaia worship?