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Written by Subject: Politics: Republican Campaigns
Dear Ernest Hancock, will be celebrating our four year anniversary in a few
weeks. Can you believe how fast it has gone? Through our efforts over the
last 46 months, we have made a profound impact on political discourse in
this country and around the world. This forum has been instrumental in
helping to raise tens of millions of dollars for the campaigns of Ron Paul,
Rand Paul, and many others in the liberty movement. We are the epitome of
grassroots. I could try and personally thank each and every one of our
members who has done so much for the message, but even that would be
inadequate. Your activism has changed the world.

It's come to a time when is requesting your support here
at home. I am not one who likes asking for money and I have done my best to
keep the forums going with minimal donations. However, with site traffic
already on the rise, there are several expenses I'd like to cover in
anticipation for the fast approaching campaign. Every penny that is raised
will be stretched as widely as possible over the next 10 months. The
opportunities that this next election cycle can provide for our country
should not be overlooked based on limited financial resources.

The fundraising goal post is set at $30,000 which will help us meet our
objectives through December 2011. Our past efficiencies, results and
objectives are in-line with this goal. You can chip in by donating at or by mailing to the address at the end of this
message. has become a critical hub for the liberty movement. Our
site has served over 250,000 visits in the last 30 days (1). We are amongst
the top 5,000 trafficked websites in the US (2).

Our members are particularly good at push starting viral campaigns. A large
number of the initial sparks that set off the Ron Paul Revolution back in
2007 came from the activists on these forums, tireless in their dedication
to the cause of liberty. Much of the initiative, planning, and discussion
for and was done at RPFs. We were also
instrumental in supporting the Revolution March on DC. We've made large
strides since those early days.

In the 2010 campaign cycle, our members once again took leadership in
making a difference for liberty with many successes. One of our active
members was even elected to the NC State House. Numerous fundraising events
and other projects were organized. Our greatest efforts have come about by
joining together and pushing as a team.

One notable forum success was born when Mitch McConnell and twenty-three US
Senators planned a $500 per plate fundraiser in DC for Rand Paul's main
primary opponent, Trey Grayson. Seventeen of those Senators had voted for
the 2008 bank bailouts. Our forum members were angry and we struck while
the iron was hot. The forums collaborated on the formation of, gained national attention and helped raise Rand Paul
nearly $200,000 on the same day as the DC insider fundraiser. This turned
the tables on the GOP as they expected to appoint their next "yes-man"
without a fight. Because of our concerted efforts, we helped frame Trey
Grayson as the DC insider candidate in an anti-establishment year. The
election of Senator Rand Paul in 2010 allows us to continue building our
Tea Party movement, one that many were trying to co-opt.

In 2011, we are once again showing them what we are made of.

I feel I owe it to all of you to keep the site up and running smoothly.
Whenever you decide to turn on, it is like water from the
faucet -- always there, always on. This is not an easy task and the
pressures closely follow you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year -- since May
2007. The administrator responsibilities can be overwhelming, and they
continue to add up. It doesn't matter if I am with family, at a political
event, my real job, or fast asleep in bed. If problems occur with the site,
I immediately shift my focus to repairing the problems. Many site tasks
turn into multi-hour research projects. Server upgrades and software
updates can easily become 72 hour marathons. Great sacrifices have been
made to maintain in the past.

Now our future also rests upon your shoulders, the reader and activist. We
don't get contributions from any governments, foundations, or big corporate
"sponsors" -- we're a bit too independent for that. But that independence
comes at a price, and we need your individual support to help pay for it.
If you value, please donate. I hope you will help me keep
this engine of liberty running!

I feel honored to be a part of such an amazing community that produces real
results. Your donations are greatly appreciated, and will help us reach our
maximum potential over the next number of highly critical months.

Thank you for all that you do.

Please donate today at

In Liberty,

Josh Lowry Manuel
Senior Administrator/Owner -

(1) per Google Analytics (2) per

P.S. As a token of thanks, if you donate an amount of $20 or more we will
upgrade your account with extra perks for one year. Donors of $50 or more
will also receive one of the remaining Rand Paul "Randslide" posters that
were printed by RPFs to commemorate his Senate race in Kentucky, supplies
are limited. The top two donors will also receive a program from Ron Paul's
2008 "Rally for the Republic", a true liberty collectors item. Please
include your username and mailing address with your donation. If you forgot
or didn't read this far the first time around, I will personally make sure
that you are taken care of.

P.P.S. If you can't use PayPal, please send a check to: Lowry Manuel
19215 Cactus Rose Dr
Houston, TX 77449

We'll be just as pleased if you send fiat currencies or precious metals as
alternatives. :)