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Comment by TL Winslow
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Yes, the U.S. economy is tanking, mainly thanks to the social engineers who decided that the real estate boom for the middle class could be co-opted for the lower classes by hijacking the financial system to let them buy homes with no income or credit, which was like a balloon that finally blew up, hurting the entire system.  Too bad, Republican pres. Bush presided over it all, but both parties were to blame, makes me want to vote Libertarian.

Not really, because Libertarians are isolationists, and unless we Shock & Awe and invade IRAN soon, we might see whole sections of the U.S. turn into moonscapes after they set off nukes. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that WWII mobilized the American economy and reduced unemployment to zero, and reversed the Great Depression. Actually, a real libertarian would want zero employment, after we all become so rich that we can lounge like gods and blog, wait for the socialized robot revolution, the govt. will send us $50K a year for not working.

To cut to the chase, I hope we get a new president who gets us into a war to finish the Islamic Republic of Iran off, this time without the nation-building crap. And this time let's use all the drones and robot soldiers we can, and skip the dismembered U.S. troop problem. Of course, history shows that it's the Democrats who start wars, and the Republicans who finish them, but if President Herman Cain starts a new precedent, I'm with him  :)  Not that it's fun to live in a wartime economy, but the alternative of nuclear holocaust in some heavily Jewish city like Jew York or Jewywood doesn't sound, and having a religious-like devotion to a cause has its compensations, ain't shared poverty cool. Will the U.S. wait until the first nuke is set off to act? The genetic damage alone will forever mess the U.S. pop. up, who wants it, Ron Paul? I'm an American, I prefer to go out shooting.

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