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Comment by PureTrust
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Two hundred years ago, say, life was a serious thing. Americans didn't have the toys, or the luxury of spare time to play. Americans were living life much closer to reality. In that sense, everyone was a special person.

Who makes mistakes? Who has bad judgement? Is it only the poor people of the land? Or might it not also be the judges, the law enforcement people, the Government?

Two things need to happen. All Americans in general need to get a grip on the seriousness of life, the seriousness of owning and using guns. And, people need to use the guns, infrequently but when necessary, to be the righteous rulers of their own lives, to be the local law enforcement without corporate law enforcement.

The kids in the high schools are ready to take on this kind of serious responsibility. Take a deep look at their impatience with the stupidity that is going on around them. What they need is a little bit of proper direction from informed parents. Wake up, America.

Comment by oswegoscott
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PureTrust, you feel the kids in high schools are ready to take on serious responsibilities?

I am sitting here with a dropped jaw!  It's obvious you've had little recent contact with those kids

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