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He believes that U.S. military power should be used only as a last resort in order to protect core U.S. national interests and not as part of an ambitious and costly strategy to force other countries to follow American dictates and embrace American i

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Comment by TL Winslow
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What scares me about Ron Paul worse than his comments that the fake Arab Muslim Palestinians are being occupied etc. is his comment that Israel doesn't have to fear Iran getting a nuke, because they have 300. In other words, he's hoping that Israel will get Pearl Harbored, with a nuke going off in Tel Aviv that hurts the Jews more than Hitler did, probably after they hand it to Hezbollah suicide bombers. After that what's left of Israel is free according to him to nuke Iran? As president he'd probably use U.S. subs to sink Israeli subs to stop it.  In other words, as president he'd be Israel's greatest threat.

Comment by Ed Price
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Nobody - least of all Ron Paul - hopes that anybody will get nuked, or "Pearl Harbored." The point doesn't have anything to do with something like that.

The point is that we follow our own laws, the basic Constitutional laws first, and then all the Constitutionally correct laws that flow from the Constitution. As they stand, our Constitutional laws presently don't give us any authorization to mess around as regulators in the skirmishes of other countries and nations. If we do such, we are breaking our own laws and becoming no better than those we are trying to defend, or trying to harm.

There may be nothing wrong with trying to be referee for some other-country wars. But if that is the thing that we want to do, let's do it the right way, and amend our Constitution in such a direction first. As it is, we are acting completely illegally with regard to our own laws and honor and simple rightness.

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