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Comment by DE LFD
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 With all do respect - gold will not rise as expected - nor will silver. Emphasis on as expected. The dollar would need to collapse and too many governments have way too much interest in making sure that doesn't happen...

Only a first strike nuclear attack upon the US (By China and Russia together) - taking the US government out of the picture, making them powerless could the price of gold move up. Survivors of such an attack, then have a another problem. With out laws and rules to govern trade, who in this arena would pay the price established outside the US?

No one! Your $20 gold pieces may become - in such a world - face value!

There's nothing to say that can't happen! I'm just saying, avoid 'pie-in-the-sky' expectations. Don't think that in such a crisis you're going to have the purchasing power a running economy would have.

You're not going to buy out a guys supply of water for gold! At best you'll pay the gold and get only what he can give up.

All that said - It will still be much better to have the gold then the paper a "C" note is printed on!

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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The best way to know the future is to look at the past.

Comment by Norm Nipperus
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Until recently I had subscribed to Doug Casey for a few years.

Part of the reason Gold stocks are not doing well, and many may continue not to do well, is that when gold goes higher so does government greed(taxes, nationalizing, etc.), regulations and politics - significantly impacting gold companies bottom line.

Doug Casey & Co. are too preachy and holier-than-thou about their atheistic philosophy.

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