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Comment by Ed Price
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Sometimes some of these scientists can get a little nuts. From the article:

"The difference is that this ocean is deep within the Earth's mantle, some 400 miles below the surface."
"Dr. Steve Jacobsen at Northwestern says that scientists have been able to study two diamonds from this area deep in the Earth's mantle, that were expelled during volcanic eruptions."
We all know that volcanic eruptions are extremely hot. And now we have an ocean down there in the middle of all this heat? Are these science guys nuts, or what? There's gotta be some simple explanation, right? The explanation is that they use the words like "if" so that when it is proven that they don't know what they are talking about, nobody can go back to them and call them kooks. Yet they continue to spout their crap just like it's gospel.

Who knows what we will find 400 miles down into the earth? One thing is for sure, if it doesn't fit all their "theories," They'll make like they knew all along what they were talking about!

It's all political, folks. Scientists are simply another brand of politician, paid by the ruling class to keep the rest of us dumbed down as much as possible.

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