Letters to the Editor • Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

What to do about the police state?

Time and time again, I read all those that report the abusiveness of police in all depts. The border police, the state police, the city police. My question to all those that send in whats happening in America today is this: why hasnt any one come up with the idea that it is time we take back what belongs to us? In other words, are we just going to continue to report this stuff and never ever til it gets worst do anything about it? Apparently I look at the American people as gutless as can be. Where oh where is the passionate burning feeling to fight and I mean fight where as you are a Hero as our Founding fathers were? Remember, the more we let the governement do the things they are doing now, they will always believe they can do more and more to us and I mean violently. Isnt this terrorist work again us? Yes....it is  and what are you all going to do besides talk and talk and not walk it! Where are the Hero\'s? Where? Time to think about this and March on DC with guns.